25 August 2009

chic lamps at one kings lane, but hurry!

if you are reading m21's blog, and NOT a member of one king's lane, he has just one question- what's wrong with you? ;-) seriously, sometimes the bargains available @okl are too good to pass up, and in our current economic climate, if you aren't bargain shopping, again, maison21 needs to ask- what's wrong with you? and if you never bargain shop, perhaps a even better question to ask would be, "do you need a decorator"? ;-)

today okl has some glam jamie young & co. lamps for less then half off retail. the cheery green classic ginger jar is our fave ($199.00- a steal).

hurry, okl events only last 72 hours, and the good stuff always sells out fast! (and please, if you sign up tell 'em m21 sent you- cmay at maison21 dot com- every referral gets a $25.00 credit, and we'd like a free lamp, thank you). ;-)


mary said...

Christian--are the bases lucite? That feature alone brings the decorative value way up and pricey, too. Hope that you get your lamp, I signed up the first time you blogged about one king's lane. Have a great week!

shannon lear said...

Can i just say how much i enjoy your posts, again?!

I love your style and humor but you're also an animal {adoption} advocate and i respect that even more from you because it really doesn't benefit your design business.
And you do it all the time!

But,i also believe your own fuzzy little kids have you completely whipped!

And quite possibly have put you up to it. Perhaps to make sure all the other little orphans get their own loving/stylish homes like they do?? :)

i wish you and yours all the best life can give and thank you so much for your contributions to my emails, even if they sometimes make me laugh so hard it hurts!!

PS. i wish i was your neighbor; I'd love to be your friend:) and please look me and mine up the next time you visit Miami!!


maison21 said...

mary- kinda nice, right? glad you signed up- the emails are fun even if one never buys.

shannon- i need to SERIOUSLY thank you- i was having a bit of a sh!tty day yesterday- a cold & a fever in a heatwave, a showcase showdown with a client, and ANTS all over my kitchen, climbing up thought the walls to my bedroom (okay, a waaaaay sh!tyy day); then i read your email and felt all warm and fuzzy, instead of sick and angry! so thank you- you're better then xanax! oxoxo- c.