05 August 2009

los angeles interior designer tag sale

don't forget the designer tag sale of the century this saturday in venice- every blog in the world has publicized it already, so get there early! even though m21 has never got anywhere early is his whole entire life (we all have our flaws- whoever said promptness is a virtue anyway?), he is thinking of braving the crowds and lining up with starbucks in hand in search of the bargains (and going to say hi to his friends, the fabulous molly and kate of m. design, of course- he'd better not see anything you've bought from the atelier on your table, girls)!

so who else is going? and would you save m21 a place in line?
that's it for today's post- maison21 is exhausted. he spent the day yesterday helping his former firm put together an installation, 5 years in the making. i wish i could show you pictures, but you'll have to wait until it's published (not my project, so not mine to publicize- sorry to be a tease). i will tell you the home is A-MAZ-ING- ultra modern architecture which my former boss softened with 18th century reclaimed parquet de versailles floors. m21 helped with the custom furnishings, and they turned out beautifully, if he doesn't say so himself.

here is the view that m21 was 'forced' to stare at all day, as he fretted whether to move a credenza two inches further to the left, or if a rug was really centered under a soffit... if you look closely, i think you can see the location of the tag sale in venice off in the distance (wouldn't it be nice if this was your view)?

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