02 August 2009

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

this saturday, m21 dropped mona off at the fabulous pour la pooch on beverly for a day of beauty, and ducked across the street to erewhon natural foods market, where i saw the below adorableness at a cat adoption table just outside the entrance to the store.
look at these sweet little faces- how can you not want one in your life?

of course we completely fell in love with one of the kittens- a little grey calico with slightly picasso-esque white markings on her face, and the furriest ears ever. i explained to the pet adoption volunteer, much as i would love to adopt another pet, i just couldn't- the atelier is full, so no new pets just now, and asked her how many kittens she had been able to place that day- who can resist a kitten, after all? with a little weariness and resignation, the volunteer replied that she had placed none- nor had she the saturday before, or the saturday before that...
this is the little 2 and half month old girl i fell for- so adorable.

shocked that the kittens weren't being adopted like hotcakes, i spoke about their plight with pour la pooch's lovely owner, gia, herself a rescue fanatic with 4 rescued cats, and she explained that the volunteer was out in front of the market all day, each and every saturday, and actually wanted to add another day to her adoption efforts, but the store would permit only one day a week.

her sister, looking like popeye as she wakes up from her nap for the photo.

so as i was driving my newly clipped and sweet-smelling little girl, mona, back home, i couldn't stop thinking about the cats, and the volunteer's dedication, and the fact that if animal lovers like gia and myself, weren't able to take the kitties, what hope did they have for permanent homes?

this mellow 5 year old orange tom was declawed by his former owners and thus a great opportunity for someone worried about a cat's destructive capacity, but without the guilt of putting them through a horribly painful and cruel operation. love his salt and pepper nose, too.

so after a food and water pit-stop at home, i decided to grab my trusty instamatic and head back up to the adoption @erewhon- if i wasn't able to take one of the kittens, perhaps i could harness the power of the internets to help- by blogging them, facebooking them and tweeting them in the hopes of finding permanent homes. chances are my efforts won't come to anything, but perhaps these sweet little faces will touch enough readers of this post to forward it on, or post it on their own blogs, or facebook it, or tweet it themselves; and on and on, until these pictures finally reach whomever they are supposed to reach, and these 6 sweet little guys can find permanent loving homes.

this sweet and petite little lady is barely a year old, and has already had a litter of kittens.

the rescue organization is the nine lives rescue center, and i know nothing about them, other then this woman is willing to rescue cats in danger of euthanization at local shelters, house them, care for them and devote every single saturday to trying to find them homes. whatever her adoption fee for these kitties is, it's not enough, that 's for sure.
one of a pair of 4 month old russian blue males- so regal.

and last, a word about cats: lots of people define themselves as "dog people", and as a former "dog person", i can tell you for a fact that a "dog person" is just someone who has never been lucky enough to have a cat in their life. cats are every bit as rewarding companions as dogs, and in fact, are in many ways a much easier animal to care for- they are self entertaining, don't need walks three times a day and groom themselves, to boot; and that "aloof" cat thing is nothing but a myth- richard the cat is every bit as affectionate as his sister mona, but in a more independent, less needy, kind of way, and that kinda just makes it all the more special when he hops in my lap, purring, looking for love.

the downside? yes, the clawing thing is a bummer- no getting around that- but like with any relationship in one's life, there are pluses and minuses, and the pluses for sure outweigh the minuses. plus, adopt a kitty, and i'll give you the name of my super cheap, super fast and highly competent upholsterer to remedy the problem!

look at how beautiful his coat is- the perfect animal for anyone obsessed with aesthetics!

i end my post with a few pleas for assistance- the number of cats and dogs in shelters is higher then ever right now because of the hideous economy, and that means animals are being put down in greater and greater numbers. if you think you could give one of these sweet kitties a home, email me in the right hand sidebar, and i'll pass on your info, or visit the rescue organization's website, or simply go to erewhon market on beverly (at the back entrance to the grove) next saturday and meet them in person. if you don't live in los angles, and one of these beauties is calling out to you, visit to find a little friend in your area- there are plenty to go around right now!

and please,share this post with anyone you think might be interested, or repost it on your on blog, or facebook it, or tweet it, or send a smoke signal, or whatever you can do to help me find homes for these little furry beasts!

thank you!
The Animal Rescue Site


Vickie H. said...

Dear Christian! You are an angel to all of us who labor in rescue! Bless you for this wonderful post!

Grant K. Gibson said...

Oh I just had to cry!
They are all so adorable.
I wish that I had a huge house so that I could have them all.
I rescued my boys at age 12- and now they are 16.
Helping a rescue is the best thing to do.
It makes me want to go and volunteer right now.
Thank you for your spreading the word.

maison21 said...

vickie- i you do rescue, you are the angel! i don't have the dedication (or the courage), so the least i can do is blog about it.

grant- i want them all too! but that's why i can't volunteer either- i'd go all grey gardens and become the crazy catman of the miracle mile.

mary said...

Hi Christian, I rescued Mini-Beast about 10 months has taken a lot of patience and boundaries, but this huge siamese has turned into an amazingly loving, faithful cat/dog. I'm so glad to have given him a home and Jones (huge poodle) has the job of keeping Mini-Beast in line and he loves to work. Thanks for your work on behalf of all of these abandoned friends.

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Christian! What a great post!! OH - I feel for this! I am a cat lover and have always been one! Unfortunately, my landlord won't allow pets...I miss not living with cats as I have my whole life! I will forward this on...I hope to hear a happy ending in a future blog post!!

soodie :: said...

What a fantastic post! Rescue all the way. My Westie Billy is a rescue from horribly abusive conditions.

Good for you posting this. I hope someone adopts these cats. You are right about the dog people claiming they can't be cat people. Years ago I had a rescue much like the black shorthair with gold eyes. She was so wise. She just knew things. It was unreal.

(PS I used to take my other Westie, Tula, to Pour la Pooch when I lived there... she was so proud of herself after getting all bathed and groomed.)

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Not to sound like an ass, but if pet owners would be responsible and spay or neuter their pets this problem would at least be reduced-somewhat.

I have two rescue cats whom I adore; in fact with the exception of one kitten in Germany, all my cats/pets have been rescues.

If you can provide these sweet kitties a loving home; please do so. If you own a cat who isn't spayed or neutered, please do so!

The Little Big House said...

oh wow - what beautiful cats (although i have never ever seen a cat that wasn't beautiful) - I totally agree with you about the cat/dog person thing - they are different but they are both wonderful - i love the independence of my cat (and the way she keeps the house mouse free) but I love my dogs too- lets hope your post helps them find loving homes soon!

Topsy Turvy said...

Christian - Thank you for this post. It's so sad to see these beautiful kitties homeless, but maybe your efforts will pay off.


tula said...

you are so wonderful for posting about this. i'm in the same boat as you. we've adopted 3 cats and are at capacity, but i will definitely pass along this post and your message. these kittens are so beautiful. i'm glad to hear the black one was adopted. xoxo