03 August 2009

it's a hoot!

yeah, we know- it's a decorating blog, not a technology blog, but when m21 runs across something insanely great, he feels the need to share...

like m21, lots of our readers and fellow bloggers are twitter converts (if you don't tweet and don't 'get' twitter, stop reading now before your eyes glaze over), so he wanted to share his new favorite thing: hootsuite- the best desktop twitter tool we've tried!
what makes it so cool? well, there are too many things to mention, but we'll give 3 examples:
  1. it divides your twitter stream into organizable columns- your stream, tweets you've sent, tweets where you are mentioned, and direct messages. after trying it out, m21 discovered all sorts of reply tweets that were lost in his twitter stream! sometimes he wondered if he was tweeting into outer space for lack of responses, so it's nice to know a few folks out there were paying attention. (you can also add columns of your own design, but that's still a bit advanced for m21).
  2. speaking of tweeting into outer space, if you use hootsuite to shrink your tweeted links, hootsuite actually tracks how many people click on them! how cool is that? now, m21 really knows that people follow his twitter stream!
  3. when you are in a tweeting mood, with hootsuite, you can actually schedule your tweets in advance- so instead of sending out six tweets in rapid succession, ('oh, god, m21 is bored and tweeting again'), you can spread your twitter love throughout the day!
seriously, it's good stuff. try it- it might make you a twitter fan, if you are not already! (and if you'd like to follow m21 on twitter- @maison21- he'd love to have you! warning, our twitter persona is a bit feistier then our blog, but tweets by nature are so short, you can easily ignore the icky bits). ;-)

oh, and while we are on the subject of technology, if you use a mac, m21 highly recommends installing "applejack", the best disk utility ever, and it's FREE! m21 uses it once a week, and it's kept his creaky old mac running far beyond it's shelf life (knock on wood)... applejack is a little scary the first time you run it ('what's single user mode?', what are all those scary scrolling commands on my computer screen?'), but after your first use, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. seriously, it's like magic- when you are done, your mac will be leaner and faster, and well, happier. promise. (disclaimer- m21 is far from a mac guru, and he personally has never experienced a problem with applejack, but if for some reason you do, m21 can't be held responsible, k)?

next post back to decorating. maybe.


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Hmmm, just getting the hang of twitter, don't know if I can branch out yet. But it does sound intriguing.

Applejack, huh? More scariness, but it may be time. I can't afford to do without the MacBook Pro and it's 3 years old now...

maison21 said...

chris, download the applejack. i'm embarrassed to say how old my mac is, but i've been running applejack on it for longer then you've owned your mac book pro, and i am *convinced* the reason this mac has outlasted it's many predecessors, is because i discovered applejack.