09 October 2009

a bevy of bloggers?

so what's the collective noun for a group of bloggers? a blag of bloggers? a barrel of bloggers? a post of bloggers? well, whatever it is, there sure were a lot of us at the sferra/all the best party last night @nathan turner's, featuring kelly wearstler's glam line of bedding for sferra (the ever pretty ms. wearstler was in attendance too, of course).

cocktails, nibblies, pretty home decor and ms. wearstler should be enough reason to go to a party, right? but for moi, the real draw was getting to meet the smiling faces behind the blogs we all read and love (though i wish i had more time to get to know all of you a bit better)...

from left: ronda, of all the best (our hostess); brooke, of velvet and linen (and 3rd place winner of the all the best bedrooms contest); megan, of beach bungalow 8; some random hot guy; scot, of tartanscot (2nd place winner of the all the best bedrooms contest); and jill, LA correspondent from material girls- what a great group, and so nice to meet all of you in person!

thanks for inviting all of us, ronda- it was a delightful event!

kelly wearstler for sferra


ALL THE BEST said...

So MUCH fun! Thank you for coming and for my gift! I wish there would have been more time to talk. Next trip!

katiedid said...

Christian!!! You lucky thing! What fun to do the "meet-n-greet" at this blogger blowout! I hope you had as much fun as it looks like you did!

tartanscot said...

It was SO great to meet you last night!



Sweet! It looks like it was a great event.

I have some potential victim fans for the hot random guy.

Pigtown-Design said...

OMG! I bet it was so much fun to meet everyone!

Velvet and Linen said...

It was great finally meeting you in person, Christian. I can't believe we hadn't met before now. Hope we bump into each other again soon. I'd love the chance to chat a little bit more.


Suzy said...

Well Mr random hot are looking rather dapper in that dinner jacket! How fun it would be to have a blogger get together...can someone host one in Hong Kong next?

red ticking said...

how fun to get to meet in person! i am sure it was wonderful.... have a wonderful weekend... pam

maison21 said...

thanks again, ronda- it was fun meeting you and a good time was had by all.

katie- wish you could have been here for it- as one of my blog favorites, you would have made the evening that much better!

scot- right backatcha- the pleasure was mine!

MDG- please send all potential victims/fans/stalkers my way!

meg- it was so fun to hang with the 'bevy'. a couple years ago i would have been so tickled to share the same room as kelly wearstler; now she was merely an 'after the fact' to my blogging buddies! when are YOU going to come visit? that would be a real treat!

brooke- as i commented on your blog, we are going to have to have to do lunch or coffee or something soon- it's crazy that we blog in the same city yet have never met before last night!

suzy- please let me know the dates for the hong kong blogger meet up! or you could just come here, ya know- we still have a shopping trip to do in palm springs!

pam- it was totally fun to meet in person- i highly recommend it! you have lots of bloggers in your neck of the woods, so get on it! you have a great weekend too!

custardbydesign said...

seems like you had fun...
i'm dying to get together with some of my fellow dublin bloggers but it seems so difficult to instigate