01 October 2009

depression 2.0 daring-doers (lonny mag & aphro chic)

m21 admires entrepreneurs bold enough to take risks in a time of economic uncertainty. we keep saying that the current economy is an opportunity waiting to happen for some businesses- as things contract and old ways of doing things don't work any longer, inevitably new ideas and ventures will rise to take their place. it takes guts, talent and determination to defy the odds, so we'd like to congratulate two new design related ventures that launched today, and encourage everyone to pay them a visit!

1) if you haven't heard the buzz in the blogosphere about the launch of lonny magazine, you've been living under a rock (a rock without connection to the internets, anyway). lets make sure to spread lonny beyond just our savvy little blog circle, though- we all were sucker punched by the closing of domino, so here's a chance to actively support a viable replacement. three cheers for the editors and staff of lonny! go tell your friends!

2) m21 has special respect for the solo entrepreneur launching a business in rough economic times, so he'd like y'all to be sure to visit fellow design blogger aphrochic's new eponymous web boutique featuring her aphrochic line of sustainably sourced t-shirts and pillows. the pillows knocked our socks off, jeanine- "modern soulful style" indeed! can't wait to use them on a project!

congrats, entrepreneurs- m21 is rooting for you!


AphroChic said...

Thank you so much for supporting AphroChic! So glad you like the pillows.

My Notting Hill said...

What a nice post! Off to check out the pillows. Wishing good karma for you. Michele

Anonymous said...

His blog was one of an aesthete. It covered art, architecture, historical preservation, and photography, and all media, and home decor, and hunky guys, and glam woman, and all things interesting that you wouldn't see churned out on the "j'dore" girl blogs (and worst yet by the guys who write in sugary chatty third person)

maison21 said...

best of luck to you, aphrochic!

good karma back atcha, michele- do check out the pillows!

thanks for the laugh, anon! it's certainly not a blog i frequent, so i would never have seen it otherwise. m21 would take a moment to discuss delusions of grandeur, and the self-important blogger, but he needs to get busy writin' somethin' sugary & chatty... ;-) priceless!

Habitually Chic said...

I saw Lonny and it looks great! Can't wait to check out the pillow next! Then I will have to get back to writing my J'adore blog which is spelled with an a mind you!

maison21 said...

chic- wasn't lonny good? as we both know, running one's own business is a joy (and a challenge), so how fun is it to see someone take an idea for a business and turn it into a reality! i can't wait to see both lonny and aphrochic grow and flourish!

btw, j'adore your blog- you are a little blogging 'angel'! ;-)

Interior design ideas said...

those pillows would look cool with my bedspread, l will buy some.