13 October 2009

turning to stone (kelly, on a budget)

by now, you've all seen kelly wearstler's beach house in this month's metropolitan home, and love it or hate it, there is is a trend ms. wearstler is on the cutting edge of, and that is the use of stonework in interiors (beyond merely flooring, that is). in her beach house, it's everywhere- walls, furniture, floors, art, you name it and she uses it, and trust me on this one- just as in fashion, ready-to-wear draws inspiration from the outrageous creations of the couture shows, you are going to see the stone decor trend kelly wearstler is currently on the leading edge of, eventually diffuse out into the mainstream (and probably end up at z gallerie and target, to boot- we'll keep you posted on that!)
the glamorous marble fireplace surround (sculpture, really) and marble faced walls in the living room of ms. wearstler's malibu retreat (photo from pointclickhome.com, via material girls).

so how to get in on the stone decor trend right now, before it's every where? (and maybe even do it on a budget?) well, first you can go to a prior blog post of m21's to learn a little bit more about vintage glamorous tessellated stone-faced furniture (if you haven't read it already, of course- and most of you did read it, right? you never miss a m21 post, right?). you can also visit 1stdibs, to see what they've got in stock...

m21 only has one piece of tessellated stone furniture himself right now, a glammy end table- but is always looking for more stone and marble pieces- regardless of trends, it's some of his favorite stuff!

as we mentioned in our prior post, ironies sells some gorgeous stone items, and so does maitland-smith, (though most of maitland-smiths's offerings are not particularly our style- too mcmansion-y). some, however- like these stone and brass tusks- most definitely are m21's style- splendiferous! probably not in our recession budget though...

which brings us to today's feature on how to bring some stone glamor into your life for a budget price... we found these marble veneered pedestals from the home decorators collection ranging in price from $119-$199- pretty cheap for a hand-crafted item we think. plop an interesting sculpture on a pair of them in your living room, dining room or entry (or even a sculptural plant or flower) and boom- stone cold kelly style for a rock bottom low price!

what do we think, kids- could you rock kelly's new look? or does it leave you (stone) cold?

ps- a big fat THANK YOU to tracy of comfort & luxury- i knew this post was missing something! (please visit her blog to complain when it is stuck in your head for a week):


mary said...

How in the world can I complete with those prices? And they look fantastic! But I think that you are right about this trend, Thanks for the heads up. That fire surround is truly amazing, reminds me of 1950's stone work that was done in Mexico City in the ultra-modern Pedregal homes.

Suzy said...

I'm so in love with that house its just not funny. I want to be one of those couples the Wearstler/Korzen clan shares it with!

DoxaHome.com said...

Love the comeback and reinvention of stonework, like most of the elements utilized in her Ms Wearstler's beach house but not necessarily the combination, kind of like a dish made from wonderful, fresh ingredients but just doesn't make your tastebuds sing...since you asked;) And fully agree with the Maitland Smith comment, some of their vintage pieces from the 80's are a bit more palette able, the key word there is SOME, lol. Very Springer inspired...Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to leave a comment to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I especially LOVE seeing pictures of Mona. Her personality really comes through on the pics. I also love your design sense & unpretentiousness. Thanks for brightening your bloggers days!

JeanMarie said...

I love stones and boulders, take a look at this.

Ivy Lane said...

Sorry, I JUST can't wrap myself around Ms. W's new beach house... Although the marble surround/wall fireplace is gorgeous, I think the rest is too cold and sharp/edgey for a beach house "retreat"...

The work she did at "Tides" ...fantastic!

I like stone fixtures to be outside....on the patio/veranda!!

Just my 2 cents!

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

While Ms Wearstler's beach house is certainly intriguing and I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into everything (except for those chairs in the foreground that look like fat tamales), the stone work doesn't really do it for me.
And now I'll have an ELO song stuck in my head all day.
Thanks Christian!

Ashfield Hansen Design Inc. said...

Good call on the trend, which seems to dominate Kelly's Beach house. I can see why people manot like her (although I personally love her). The interiors could read as masculine, which is great since they are done by a woman.
I must say I even like the ELO reference!

David @ Ashfield Hansen Design


Lucinda said...

This gives me a good idea for a Halloween costume....Medusa!