26 October 2009

i wanna be just like m21! (2nd anniversary giveaway)

people often ask moi- "how can i be just like my design idol, m21"? (really- i get asked. often. swear.) and maison21's lofty reply is "sorry that is simply im-poss-see-blay" m21's unique je ne sais quois is one of a kind- you know, 'often imitated, but never duplicated'. until now that is... with today's post, you have the opportunity to be EXACTLY like m21!

how can this be?

well, m21 was recently part of a gift bag delivery sent out by new york powerhouse public relations, marketing & business strategy firm, john tiffany and associates, to highlight a few fun and cool products. the delivery was "targeted to America’s most prominent editors, TV producers, bloggers and style dictators". at first we thought this must be a mistake- lil ol' m21 included in a delivery sent out to the editors of vogue and instyle magazines, as well as the daily candy bloggers? really? us? but upon further reflection the term "style dictator" did fit us like a glove, so yes, our inclusion must have been on purpose... ;-)

side note: we LOVE the term "style dictator" and think we should add it to our business cards asap!
we also knew we were included on purpose because the delivery was sent out in fabulous personalized monogram tote bags by queen bea studio with our initials "m21" emblazoned across it! that kind of mistake would be a little too coincidental...

now how does all this relate to you the reader? and the stated goal of being exactly like m21? well, not only was m21 included in the delivery, YOU were included too! a second 'm21' monogrammed bag was included for us to give away to a lucky reader!

m21 is rapidly approaching his second year of blogging- we can hardly believe our 1st post was two years ago, this november- so in honor of our second blog-a-versary, and as a thank you to our loyal readers for two years of fun and frolic, we are holding a sweepstakes for the personalized gift bag and all of its contents!

the winner receives:
  1. a chic personalized 'm21' canvas tote bag from queen bea studio- carry it to the beach, or a picnic, or do like m21 does, and use it to collect samples from your local design center...
  2. a bottle of incredibly delicious 2003 grenache blanc wine from landmark santa ynez vintners, d’alfonso-curran wines (we already sucked down our own bottle, and it's good stuff).
  3. a yummy (and stylishly packaged) canister of dulcet cuisine moroccan spice blend (they include a recipe for moroccan glazed carrots in the bag, which is dee-lish. we had our chef prepare a batch in the m21 test kitchens, and were suitably impressed).
  4. a selection of yum newtree gourmet chocolates, popchips and luna bars
  5. an essentrics™ fitness dvd (to work off the wine and chocolates, we presume).
  6. and last, a virtual lifetime supply of orbit sugar free gum (we loved this one- all kinds of crazy flavors we've never heard of, like pina colada and pomegranate!).

to enter the giveaway, just send us an email with "i wanna be just like m21" as the subject line (click on the "hey m21" button in the right hand side-bar), and include your mailing address. we'll randomly select a winner on november 3rd, the anniversary date of our first post, and then ship the bag and goodies off to the lucky winner! note- m21 rcvd the bag & treats for free, but the shipping is on our own dime, so if winner is outside of the continental 48 states, m21 will ship the tote bag and as much stuff as he can fit into a flat rate mailing box- which means the wine stays here. we'll raise a glass in your honor when we drink it, though!

last, maison21 would like to thank each and every one of you for making the last two years so darn enjoyable. when we started 'decorative but not serious' two years ago, we imagined that we'd have a few old friends and family members check in every now and then, but we never dreamed we'd end up with hundreds and hundreds of brand new friends, who visit and read our blog everyday (even if we suspect most of you only visit for pictures of mona and richard ;-). seriously, the fact we've had hundreds of thousands of visits in the last two years simply boggles our mind- those kind of numbers are just crazy talk! it's been an overwhelming journey, and an incredibly positive one- rewarding in ways too numerous to count- so from the bottom of my heart, thank you! i wish i had a bag to give to every single one of you!

now go enter the sweepstakes already, before your favorite style dictator starts to get all teary eyed!


brilliant asylum said...

Style Dictator. I love that.

jetaged said...

cute! Congrats

LindsB said...

I LOVE the title "style dictator" you totally have to use it and rock it.

Love this give away- emailing you now...just promise not to stalk me too much :)

mary said...

Congratulations!! Does Mona get a collar with the new logo? She would look ravishing in Tiffany blue. Kudos you deserve it. (Love the new table just posted at the Market Place)

Jenn said...

Ha-- Style title ever. Congrats! Wishing you much continued success <3

Easy and Elegant Life said...

A very good run C and many more years to come.

I think you should add "Style Dictator" to the business card. After all "Decorative, but not serious..."