21 May 2011

best friends.

how can you resist me? i will love you forever!

we all need one. or two. or a whole gang of bff's, and there is no better friend than a doggie or kitty.
i will be beautiful and love you every day.

they never nag you, or make you feel guilty because you forgot their birthday.
i need someone to play with me.

they will love you even on days when you act like an ass.
take us all!

they will never be jealous or envious or hold a grudge.
decorators know that pairs are always good.

they will only give you love- no questions asked.
i will be a good boy if you take me home.

tomorrow, at the la brea tar pits, just a hop skip and a jump from the atelier, is day two of the best friend's super adoption where hundreds of sweet and loving doggies and kitties all need homes.
i think i'm a pusky! (husky/pug mix)

the amazing molly of molly's mutt's and meows (the rescue group from whom i adopted ted) remarked that more people approached her today to try to get rid of their pets then people approached to adopt.
i was on the streets, so i apologize 'cuz my hairdo's a mess.

that makes me very, very, sad.
older cats like us mean no kitten destruction!

if you have room in your life, PLEASE help to reverse the trend, and adopt a bff tomorrow. or the next day. or sometime soon, because these little bundles of love need your help, and whether you know it or not, you need them too.
i am the cutest lassethound you'll ever see (basset lab mix).
they'll be your bff forever. promise.
i got lucky and was sprung from the system and now my dad and i are best friends forever!

best friends super adoption event
la brea tarpits
sun, may 22, 11-4

this post is dedicated to mona, the rescue dog who rescued me. it has been a year since the best little girl in the whole wide world left my physical life, but she lives on in my heart forever. i miss her everyday like an ache, and i wish she could be here to meet her brother, ted. she *probably* would like him, though she was never very good at sharing. :-)


Suzy said...

so many little cuties...I hope they find a home! RIP Mona x

Ms Smart said...

may your kind heart and goodness return to you ten-fold. wonderful. :)

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

That Pusky! gosh how cute! But I see a dachshund there I'd like to scoop up. Oh...I wish I could rescue one. But I'm full up since my last rescue of Sally. Who adores me. Makes me sick...people looking to get rid of their pets. Do you get rid of a child? Well, some people do. I love seeing Mona's smiling face. I know that ache very well. I feel it still for those no longer with me.

shiree segerstrom said...

Christian, This post was sooo good. Thank you for being an animal advocate. Shiree

jones said...

Hi Christian, I love your best friend posts--every word is so true. My bff, Jones, makes my days great. My time with Luxie--spent retraining and adjusting him to dog-hood and then finding him a new home (with a little girl--just what he wanted) were the best gift that I could have been given. So even if you guys can't commit to ownership, think about fostering a bff. Mary

Vickie said...

Oh, Christian, this post brought tears to my eyes for MANY reasons, not the least of which is the tribute to your dear Mona. We all miss her too. I can't believe it has been a year! Her departure was so sudden and unexpected and heartbreaking for everyone who follows this blog. Thank you for speaking up for the animals and their adoption event! I pray every single one of them finds a safe and loving forever home.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

What a wonderful post in dedication to your lovely rescuer, Mona! I think my dachshund, Billy rescued me, too. Lovely to promote this event! Best, Barbara

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Great post! I wish I could adopt all of them. I hope they all find homes as great as yours. I remember crying when you lost your Mona. I'm so glad you found Ted. He's such a doll!

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I hate that, our local shelter is so packed they are waiving the adoption fee so people can adopt. Makes me sad. I begged my husband for another but it was a no go. He's not really an animal person. I'm lucky he let me have Timmy. I think it's him being a mailmen and getting bit by dogs on his route. I wish more people would adopt. One day I will convince him damn it!

Karena said...

Christian you are so good! I adore my Miss belle, the most beautiful little Himalayan in the world!

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Anonymous said...

So great that you call attention to pet adoption. Your little Mona looked like a sweetheart. I always say DOG is GOD spelled backwards because they both love unconditionally. Love the first photo, I have a dachshund so of course he got my attention. xo

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Those pictures are so sweet. I wish I had the time and place to adopt one (or two or three...) cuties like this. Unfortunately I haven't and I don't think it would be fair on the animal...Great post. Love from London xo

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

This is so sad. I hope that they all get adopted.
I know that you miss Mona, but you have two darlings.

tula said...

Darling Mona. She will forever be our little shining star in the sky. So sweet and such an amazing spirit. Miss her.

Anonymous said...

I just read this post and have tears rolling down my cheeks. Any animal lover's heart aches for those furry ones who have yet to find a home. And even more so when the ones who find a home in our hearts eventually leave us. Is there anything more special than our feline and canine kids?!

Tricia ; )
Huntley & Co.
Luxe & Lucid

designRN said...

I was there and adopted the sweetest little girl ever! She has already brought so much joy to my life:)