31 May 2011

chic needn't cost a fortune (a tumblr greatest hit)

a bathroom from morgans (the original boutique hotel), by design goddess, andrée putman, circa 1984. the black and white tiles were selected because the budget was so tight, and they were the cheapest material putman could find- proof that chic needn’t cost a fortune.

in an effort to post a little more frequently, maison21 will be copying what television networks have done for years, and air some reruns during the summer. don't worry, we will still do original content as well  (battle of the network stars, anyone?), but we are also going to rerun select posts from our tumblr blog (like the one above) on occasion.   happy summer!

1 comment:

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Always great to see her work, regardless of the tight budget, she always comes through!
Have a nice weekend!
Jamie Herzlinger