26 May 2011

hear me roar!

hear me roar!

or rather, click here to hear me stumble through two brief sentences at the 2:16 mark in the linked video on editorTV.  it's funny- in real life, you can't shut me up, but shove a big ol' video camera and microphone in my face, and m21 becomes a stuttering, tounge-tied wallflower (oh sh*t- i shouldn't have typed that, should i? now all my friends will undoubtedly carry cameras and mics, so they can actually get a word in every once in a while...)

thanks to julia noran, of the editor at large and jason oliver nixon, of demystifying design, for making my (almost) virgin camera experience so easy.

oh, and HGTV? have your people call my people- we'll do lunch.  ;-)


Karena said...

Christian too much! I love it and hey it is a beginning as a TV personality,

Art by Karena

Raina Cox said...

I thought you were wonderful!

Happy long weekend, Christian!



maison21 said...

thanks karena and raina- enjoy your holidays!

katiedid said...

Oh Christian! You were fine! Better than fine. You may have a new career ahead. Sigh....wished we lived closer.