28 May 2012

chloe no moey (new york city real estate window shopping)

before our memorial day bbq, we spent a bit of time on the internets fantasizing about a NYC pied-a-terre (seems we have a lot of facebook friends staying in the city this weekend, and posting pics of their adventures out and about, making us a bit wistful for a NYC visit).  while we were window shopping for NYC real estate, we came across this listing for a 1 bdr garden apartment in the east village, and instantly recognized this imperial trellisized entry hall:
do you recognize the apartment too?
yup, chloe sevigny's apartment, originally featured in the late house & garden magazine circa 2007. (all HG pix stolen without permission from my friend fallon's awesome blog, "a lovely being")
pretty, but basement apartments scare me a lil bit. we don't have such things here in LA, so i imagine flooding, dankness, and maybe, city critters (ie big fat rats- not that we don't have 'em here in LA!)
low ceilings but the floors and beams give you much carriage house charm.
could be really cute, actually.
what a difference cropping makes, eh?

oy, those low ceilings again, but without the beam-y charm. plus side?
working fireplace in teh bedroom = awesomeness. the decor in here is a shonda though.
looks like a shut-in grandma lives here, not a young actress.
we'll cut chloe some slack though, as we guess she probably dint live here full-time.
propped n' cropped for HG. much better, though that budget bedspread is making me sad. 

only in new york could a space 6 feet wide be described as a dining room! 
i'd probably set up a desk in here to take advantage of the pretty garden view 
while working. plus an open desk could double as a space to eat a deux if necessary. 
i eat at my own home office desk a un all the freaking time anyway...
the kitchen is quite charming and fits nicely with the rusticated carriage house vibe. major bonus points for not having to upgrade.
this is billed as an "office" (can't call it a bedroom in NYC unless it has a window, i think). at 10 x 7, i might find another use for it (closet?) or rip it out all together to create a small dining area off the kitchen, and use the 6 foot wide space billed as a "dining room" either as a home office as mentioned, or just throw some overstuffed chairs in there and make is a chic little sunroom.
*THE* selling point of the apartment, a rare and beautiful NYC garden. 
just a lovely. lovely space, though we can't quite figure out the CGI lens the real estate people 
used to make it appear 10 bazillion times larger than on the below floor plan. 
seriously- it looks a big as central park here!
chloe, enjoying her teeny garden avec paper roses (i'd imagine that moving in that sofa and table took up all the space available, hence chloe's pose!)
teh floorpan- lots of potential here, especially if the coop would allow some reconfiguring. 
ok, here's the nitty-gritty: kinda cute right? weird layout, but hey- that's city livin' for you. we LOVE the garden, and so would ted and richard (all the outdoor space a blackthumb like moiself could want or need), so with a little work this could be a totes charming carriage housey city retreat.  drawbacks? carriage houseyness limits our decorating options (i don't think we are carriage house people. maybe townhouse people).  plus those low ceilings scare me a bit- we aren't tall, but maybe our imaginary NYC husbear is. ;-)  but the big drawback is the price, of course... for 1.7 mil, i want a 3 bedrooms, a view and a pool! still, manhattan real estate has its own reality distortion field so this could be the bargain to end all bargains for all we know, but once you add in $2300 dollars a month coop fee, we sorta doubt that (according to teh attached calculator with 20% down, monthly mortgage/fees would $9091.00, hardly one bedroom bargain pricing).

so whaddy'all think? visit the realtor site for all the deets and chime in- i'd especially love to hear from my NYC friends, as y'all live inside the manhattan real estate distortion force field and might provide some valuable insight! ;-)


BTLover2 said...

But, come on, pets are allowed (but no smoking). Worth it, no? GEEZUS!

quintessence said...

Well you're not getting 3 bedrooms, a view and a pool in such a nice Manhattan neighborhood for $1.7 - that much I can tell you! The coop fees are indeed killers. You're right - the price is all about the back yard. So it's a question of whether you're willing to sacrifice indoor living space for it!!

mary said...

That is one great space. It's really not a basement--you just need to walk down a couple of steps....The garden is fantastic. This is definitely not slum property. Have a super (and short) week. Mary

Donna Vining said...

Fabulous location and wonderful garden, but I don't think I'd want a basement apartment if I had to choose. And the layout is strange--I agree that I would tear out that tiny little room and open up into the rest of the space! And if I wanted to spend that kind of cash I'd like to add a couple more bedrooms, larger kitchen, storage, garden & pool.

Typhanie said...

I think the price and the decor make my head hurt!

shiree segerstrom said...

Loved it! What fun to get a sneak peak. Shiree'

betina luna said...

Reminds me of the tv show Girls. Lovely rooms!

Erin said...

And this is why I can't live in NY.