12 May 2012

legends of la cienega: "windows to the world" walking tour, part two!

more pics of the window by a host of talented designers from "legends of la cienega: windows to the world".  remember,  though the events of legends 2012 are over, the windows are up until may 20th so go take a stroll down la cienega boulevard and go window shopping!

Thomas Callaway – Maine at Ralfs
Trip Haenisch – Snow Hill Island, Antartica at Jamal Rugs
Kerry Joyce – Côte d’Azur at Lee Stanton

Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat – Ports o’ Call at Downtown,
the cool mural is what you notice from the street in joe & parrish's window, but i was really taken by the details- all their choices were exquisite.
Judith Hoffman – Budapest at Szalon north. judith is originally from budapest so i love that her window has that personal element.
Kathryn Ireland – Toulouse at Navona
Ken Fulk – Provincetown, MA at Galerie XX
Thomas Buckley – Cannes at Antonio’s Bella Casa
Adam Bram Straus – Scotland at Bausman (south)

Lane-McCook – Kenya at Ralfs
William-Christopher Design – Dublin at Hollywood at Home south window

Christos Prevezanos – Athens, Greece at Bausman (north window)

love the lighting choice. saw these mica pendants in lawson-fenning recently, and was drooling over them, so was please to see them pop up in his cristos' vignette.

last, yet another picture of my window- you didn't think i was going to do a whole post without bringing it all back to me, did you? i'm actually reposting it because i'd like you all to go read the interview abby stone, design writer extraordinaire, did with me about the window over on apartment therapy as part of their "designers on design" series. abby was incredibly generous to give up her time during a busy week to make the interview coincide with the legends of la cienega celebration, so i'd be ever so grateful if you read it and left a comment. ;-)

Christian May (maison21) – Palm Springs at Gray Morell (south window)


Donna said...

Once again beautiful window displays!! Really loving them all. And yours looks fabulous!!

Velvet and Linen said...

I have no idea how you were able to create your gorgeous window, attend all of the events, and document everything so perfectly!

Thank you so much for including us in your "walk".
Next time we have to make a point of spending more time together...

xo xo


quintessence said...

Such incredible windows!! Would have love to have seen but you are doing quite nicely as my eyes - thank you Christian!!

Karena said...

Christian all so creative and in such small spaces!

I adore your window; of course you know I love color and you have an A+ on this design project!

Art by Karena

My Interior Life said...

I just read the interview and love your window. Think I've pinned it as I already follow you on Pinterest. I'm a huge fan of the wallpaper and the monkey, and you tied it all together flawlessly!