10 May 2012

legends of la cienega: "windows to the world" walking tour, part one

we took a long stroll down la cienega in the dead of night to snap some photos of the windows by other designers participating in "legends of la cienega: windows to the world"- there is some serious talent going on here!  i apologize in advance for the lack of editing of the photos- no time to crop, straighten or correct exposure, so what you see is what you get! i also apologize to the designers whose windows aren't shown- i'm not a professional photographer, and the photos i took of some windows simply didn't turn out good enough to properly showcase the talents involved, so they had to be left on the cutting room floor.  (in my defense, i was also using a borrowed camera that is waaaaay better than mine, but also waaaaaaaaay more complicated and grandpa here had some trouble with the technology!)

will be sharing these pix in two posts, and in no particular order- don't want to play favorites, as so many of the designers are friends and acquaintances!

Thomas Hamel (Australia) – Portugal at Therien. ok, right off the bat we are starting with a lie- we said we weren't going to play favorites, but this window really blew us away. 12 foot totemic macrame owl woven of rope? you win, thomas! (ps- later in the week, i had the opportunity to sit down for a drink with thomas, and not only is he talented, he is charming and self-effacing to boot. loved him).
2nd view- just really, really cool.

“Paris,” at Compas,  by Joan Behnke

Heidi Bonesteel, Michele Trout and Jill Hall – Berlin at Mecox

Nate Berkus – Mexico City at Hollywood at Home II
the walls are tissue paper flowers.

Brooke and Steven Giannetti – Paris Flea Market at George Smith north window
teh mintue i saw this one, without knowing which window she had been assigned, i knew this was my friend brooke's (velvet & linen) window by the lovely weathered and layered 'patina style' she and steve are known for. do you think patina farm will look like this window? i do!

Velvet & Linen again- love the addition of a miniature fruiting peach tree. brooke & steve didn't miss a beat with this one.
Betsy Burnham – Quogue, NY at Fuller & Roberts. click here for cute video of the installation. love betsy.
Alissa Sutton at Dragonette Ltd., south  window (photo by alissa sutton)

David Hicks (Australia) – Australia at Downtown, north window. once again, i had the pleasure of meeting david in person at legends, and not only is david talented, he is a super nice guy (+ hysterically funny). is it something in australian water?
Rachel Winokur –Magical Journeys-  Off the Wall. rachel was an even later addition than me to teh legends line up and so more props to her for doing such a great job under a tight deadline.

Nickey Kehoe – Icelandic Dreamscape at George Smith (south)
Michelle Nussbaumer (Ceylon et Cie)– French Congo at Dragonette Ltd.
SFA Design – Abu Dhabi at Gina Berschneider
more windows to come!


Jo said...

Thanks for sharing! I couldn't attend the event this year. :(

dicey1 said...

These are gorgeous and so creative. Thanks for sharing!

shiree segerstrom said...

Loved Rachel Winokur's window. Thank you for the virtual tour Christian! I can hardly wait to see your own window. Do share! I really do need to get on a plane and start business travel again, ugh. Missing so many good events. Shiree

shiree segerstrom said...

PS...still waiting for a visit from Maison 21 at Joy of Nesting hint hint nod nod wink wink. Shiree'

katiedid said...

How to pick a favorite? Who says I can't like them all? I love them all for different reasons. Thanks for all of the photos Christian! (Although there is something about Mexico City and Australia ...!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great photos. We were planning to check them out tomorrow! Lots of creativity in Los Angeles!
Bedrosians tile and Stone

mary said...

I love them all--Brooke and Steve's window's are at the peak of "Patina Style"--but Michelle Nussbaumer's understatement in great--I love the screen. Mary

Donna said...

They are all so great, hard to choose a favorite! I noticed that many used animal influences in some way too. Have a great weekend!

Rachel Winokur said...

thanks christian for the post! i have a blast creating 'the magic of travel'. terrific job on your window - i love the bold use of color! and so many other inspiring windows. i too love the macrame! see you there today!

Karena said...

Christian thank you so much for featuring these fabulous windows and amazing designers! I came over from Brooke's; so glad I did!

Art by Karena