05 May 2012

legends of la cienega, windows to the world: prep time!

all the designers who are doing windows for the fabulous "legends of la cienega, windows to the world" event, may 9th-11th, have been working like busy little bees to complete complete their windows over the past few days. some, like brooke & steve giannetti, of velvet and linen, have had their window installed and ready for what seems like weeks (ok, maybe a couple of days), other designers have yet to even start (oy, i can't even imagine their stress levels right now), and then others, like moiself, have made a pretty good start in preparation of crossing the finish line in time for our press photography deadline.  photography is scheduled for early in the week, but the events themselves don't start until wednesday night, with the majority of events taking place all day thursday the 10th and friday the 11th, so there is plenty of time to still register for the fab panels, booksignings and open houses, or you can purchase a VIP pass. the VIP pass entitles you to priority seating for the panels, as well some coveted party invites, and everyone gets free valet and shuttles, VIP or not.  all proceeds of the VIP tix go to habitat for humanity, so your VIP ticket purchase goes to a good cause- not to a designer "purchase pretty things" slush fund or anything shady like that...  just wanted to be clear. ;-)

if you think i look especially good in the above poster, it's not any credit to diet or botox, but rather all due to my gifted portraitist, amy benton, who in addition to being the design talent behind lily preuss, is also an amazing photographer. gratitude to her boyfriend, scott, as well, who took time for his busy day to be lighting & prop guy for my new headshot. ;-) you two are awesome!
as i dropped off things for my window on friday, la cienega blvd. was a crazy construction zone, as the more ambitious amongst the presenting designers had crews busy sawing, hammering and painting, and every parking space was filled with delivery trucks. me? i just wanted to make a simple and pretty vignette to highlight the fantastic resources of the la cienega design quarter (as well as greater LA), so i just had to gather my furniture from my incredibly generous collaborators (more about them later), and make a colorful display to fit my "windows to the world" destination theme of palm springs. we had the option of picking any place in the world for our window, but sometimes the coolest place of all is right in your own backyard, so i went with my heart and picked my beloved palm springs. you know i loves me some PS!
joe lucas of harbinger's under construction window.
la cienega was one big workroom on friday!
as it got dark this evening, i did a drive by 'dress rehearsal' to see how my window looked from the street with the lighting installed (the windows are best seen at night), and i got a little verklempt when i saw the below banner hanging outside my host showroom, gray morell. gray & shane, the partners behind the showroom had it custom made to highlight my window, with my name writ large as the designer, and it will hang outside their store until my display is removed on 5/21. thanks, guys, you made my evening...
how lucky am i to have such thoughtful hosts?  i never thought about signage to identify the window as my work, but in a lovely gesture, shane and gray did.
shane matched the banner hanging at gray morell to the official #Lengends2012 banners hanging throughout west hollywood. kinda cool, right?

and yes, i will eventually post pictures of the window itself, which TRUST me, you will get sick of seeing, as i plan to do an alarming number of window-related posts. i gots lots of great peeps to thank for their hard work in making my window a little special, so it won't be all about tooting my own "mad design skillz" horn (though in the end, ain't that what a blog is all about? talking about ourselves, ad nauseum?  ;-)

in the meantime, here's a tiny, grainy, peek of our palm springs color palette inspiration:

my color inspiration was "the golden sun reflecting off azure swimming pools"...  a fancy-schmancy way of saying i wanted to use yellow & blue. ;-)
now, i'm going back to staring at the photos i took of my window tonight (it's pretty, dammit!), and i hope to see all of *you* on la cienega this thursday & friday! (i know most of you don't live anywhere near here, so i hope you'll join me in spirit. you can also like the LCDQ on facebook and follow them on twitter to get highlights of all the action).


mary said...

Hi Christian, I can't wait to see the photos of the window. Gray and Shane are great dealers with a fantastic eye and attention to detail. And they are super lucky to have you!! Mary

My Notting Hill said...

Congratulations!!! Somehow I missed the news you were doing this. Wish I could be in LA to see it in person. Love your choice of yellow and blue too! All the best - Michele

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Oh, how I wish I could see it in person. And please do post tons of pictures - I'm certain I'll love what you came up with - I always do!

Velvet and Linen said...

I can't wait to see your window!!! I love your inspiration.

Our window is still semi done. Just a few more details.
I'm so glad you will be around Wed - Fri. It's so much more fun to be doing this with friends.

xo xo

maison21 said...

hey mary-

shane & gray are just awesome! hope you have a chance to head up this way to check out the windows before the 21st!

maison21 said...

thanks, michelle- i'll be posting pictures of my window plus a selection of others! hope you are well!

maison21 said...

hi kim- i'll probably just be psoting one picture of my finished window- it's a just a 6 foot vignette, but i'll be posting lots of pictures of the other windows too.

maison21 said...

coulda fooled me, brooke- your windows look so good i thought for sure they were finished! looking forward to spending time with you around the LCDQ. oxoxo

David said...

Can't wait to see it Christian, you know I love me some PS too.