15 May 2012

legends of la cienega: "windows to the world" walking tour, part three

here are some last windows from "legends of la cienega windows to the world", as captured by the official photographer of the legends event, andreas b. branch. enjoy.
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Waldo Fernandez – Cuba at Nicky Rising

 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Jeffrey Hitchcock – Lidingo, Sweden at Szalon (south)
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Jamie Bush – Rome at Outside Downtown

 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
loved jamie's dan flavin meets julius caesar concept. pretty awesome.

 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Jane Hallworth – Yorkshire at John Nelson

what a funny, crazy little world it is. the sheep in jane's window graced my living room for about a year but too many life-size animals in one room are no good, so i sold it when i acquired mr. monkey- who of course graced my own window!
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Mark Cutler Baker – The Armchair Traveler
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Muriel Brandolini – Thien Mu Pagoda, in Hue Vietnam at Harbinger (south)
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Malcolm James Kutner – London at Claremont
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Suzanne Kasler – Belgium at Hollyhock (south)
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Suzanne Lovelle – Reading Journeys at Hollyhock (north)
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Los Angeles Chapter of ASID- Istanbul at Egg & Dart at Woven Accents

 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Tim Clarke – The Bahamas at Lucca
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Philip Gorrivan – Morocco at Waterworks
 copyright Andreas Branch Photography
Tom Allardyce – Florentine Villas and Left Bank, Paris at Janet Yonaty


mary said...

Hi Christian, Of course, I'm biased--but I liked your photos better. There were some superb windows this year and what a top notch group of designers! Congratulations! Mary

Donna said...

All beautiful images. I really like the last window!

shiree segerstrom said...

Thanks for the vicarious thrills. Next year I will see it in person. Promising myself. Shiree'

betina luna said...

I'm inspired by the pictures here.

Erin said...

So there are a few mind blowers here, but honestly -- TRULY -- I put yours in the top 3-5 (giving myself some wiggle room and assuming some presented better in person than on film).

You killed it, CM! And considering your peers, I think you should be extra special proud of yourself.

This calls for double martinis all around!

Camper Trailer said...

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