28 November 2009

a really black friday

m21's black friday purchase:'course, it's turned into stupid impulse buy saturday, as in m21's late night haste to purchase at home depot, he didn't get his primer tinted. duh. trying to paint a dark color over a white primer is insanity. we're going to go to the paint store down the street where we buy all our benjamin moore and pratt & lambert paints, and start over with a proper a proper tinted primer- just as we'd do with a client, when planning, not impulse, is the name of the game.

what dark color are we painting, you ask? darkest possible! bottom of the swatch, jet black. yup. black. m21 is painting what he euphemistically calls his powder room, a water closet off his laundry room. it's teeny-tiny (literally, a toilet and that's it) but we have a dramatic little lucite chandelier, and a dorothy draper-esque mirror in there already, so shiny black walls will look good (we hope). m21 is a bit concerned because the walls while not rough, have some hand plastering texture, and if it were a client, he might hesitate- but it ours, and it's tiny, so we are willing to experiment. it's only paint, after all.

of course, we're putting the primer waaaaaaaaay before the horse- the walls are in dreadful shape, so we have all sorts of prep work to do first. watch this space for results, but don't expect anything soon- we hope to have it finished in time for a black christmas!


jetaged said...

Can't wait to see!

tartanscot said...

COOL ! ! ! ! said...

ohhh, excited to see it!

Kitty said...

just found you on habitually chic. wish i would have about 10 years ago. tinted primer? f-ing brilliant.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Friends passing thru town yesterday stopped by & wanted to see how the redecorating of our MBR came out (we LOVE it!). They were uber complimentary & the husband especially liked the creamy, neutral colors & the uncluttered look, which quietly showcases the views we enjoy so much... Then he surprized us all, asking his wife to redo THEIR bedroom along those lines (quite the compliment since I am not a "pro"!)...

Anyhoo, "onward"~~~ Sooo, I woke up super early this a.m., & was backreading blogs... I found your 8 May blog, w/ the wonderful vignette using a BEAUUUUTIFUL green sofa & wooden bowl filled w/ large pinecones & barkwood... STUNNING!!! (Designed by Kathryn Scott)~

As I read on, your words truly spoke to me, as that is about the way I think about & would word our MBR Project. You wrote:...

"...simple but not minimal, organic w/ a hint of rustic, yet never going NEAR country kitsch... tailored."~~~~~ And that is SOOO close to what our friends said yesterday about our new bedroom! (I was floored... AND flattered!!! It so aptly describes alot of what I was thinking/hoping to achieve when I did it!)~

So thanks, what a LOVELY, "made-my-day" wake-up-read!!

Linda in AZ *

magnaverde said...

I was twelve when I saw my first all-black bathroom--a streamlined stunner from about 1938--at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. It had glittering black Vitrolite walls & stalls, gleaming black Micarta doors, black seats on all the fixtures & black-bordered terrazzo floors, with a bank of Suntan mirrors & pre-fluorescent, pink-tinted Lumiline tubes above a line of sinks that seemed to go on forever.

I had never seen anything half as handsome as that room, even though, at the time, it had been out of fashion for 20 years. I had also never seen myself looking as good as I did in those gigantic tinted mirrors. Between my family's genetics & my own disinclination to spend any more time outside in the summer than my weekly lawn-mowing required, I had never had a suntan in my life, but in those bronzy mirrors, I looked just like the cool kids who spent their whole summer around the pool at the country club, so the next summer, I decided to go for the look for real, and, I'm sorry to say, to do so in one day, which, of course, landed me in the emergency room. Ah, the vain stupidity of youth. Well, better to learn such lessons young, I guess. Lately, I've come to the conclusion that if you want see glowing skin as you shave in the morning, buy a tinted mirror.

At any rate, fifteen years after my painful experiment with UV light, I moved into a 194Os apartment that had black tile on the lower walls & a black-&-gold terrazzo floor, so I decided to recreate the all-black glamour of that museum bath. Like you, I also had to deal with ugly, patched walls--as well as some nasty, swirled plaster that somebody had tried to hide the wall's previous repair with, but which nasty texture ended up looking even worse than the patch itself--and getting the walls smooth again took three times longer than I ever imagined it would, but the final result was so good that the black paint made its way out the bathroom door & down the hall & it would have gone around the corner into the main room except that that room was visible from the building's corridor, and I didn't want to alert my landlord to the goings-on in Apartment 415. In 1978, in Peoria, black walls could only mean only one thing: you were a Satanist. Since then, I've stopped worrying, both about what other people think, and also about getting my security deposit back when I leave: I consider that gone forever on Day One, which opens up lots of possibilities. This month, I'm moving into a new apartment, and, as it has always been for the last 30 years & the last 5 apartments, my front hall--and maybe my bedroom--will be black, although these days I take the lazy way out when it comes to less-than-perfect walls, and go with the all-forgiving finish of dead flat black. Still, nothing can match the glamour of multiple reflections ricocheting off shiny black walls. Go for it.

tula said...

very sexy!

honey living said...

can't wait to see pics! we just painted our master bedroom and our dining/living room benjamin moore wrought iron - dark and gorgeous!

maison21 said...

jetaged- i can't wait to see it too- i'd better get on it!

doxa, see above!^^ ;-)

scot, it hope it 's cool and haue, too!

magnaverde- you comments are always more eloquent then the posts that precede them so thank you for visiting and adding to the conversation! looking forward to seeing your new apartment too- the last one was amazing, so i can't wait to see what you have in store!

tula, why yes i am very sexy, but do you like the wall color idea?

kitty- tinted primer is your friend! especially when painting reds! (dark gray primer actually works best i've found for saturated reds. navy and aubergine too).

linda- thank you for visiting, i'm glad you enjoyed my inspirational post. funy, the project i used it as inspiration for turned out nothing like it! design is such a twisty and turny thing!

honey- wrought iron is a beautiful color- i'd love to see the results. are they on your blog?

Annie said...

This will be stunning! I can't wait to see the end result. My mom just painted her office black & it's really amazing! Her eclectic finds just pop against the black! PS - I'm loving your blog - a new follower! I'm new to blogging and always in a constant state of redecorating & finding my personal style! I'm loving what you are showing and trust me when my kids are big enough I'm going to have to get a tree like yours - I really NEED one!!