25 November 2009

science geek chic (and it could be yours)

spotted a contest to win a free, and completely mathematically awesome, raimond lamp from moooi in the @LATimeshome twitter feed. go to y lighting to enter!

ps: speaking of contests, have you gone to velvet & linen to cast your vote in the brickmaker's table contest? since m21's role as an impartial judge is over, he officially now a shill for katie d.'s room and thinks a crime will be committed if she is not a winner. really, who likes crime? so GO VOTE!


Raina Cox said...

Thanks for that! I'm entered.

Wait, that doesn't sound right...

jones said...

Hi Christian, I loved Katie's room also. Looks like the space is just sitting there waiting for the bricklayers table. Thanks for all of the great posts and laughs of the past year. Jones sends love to Mona. Happy Thanksgiving.