23 November 2009

VOTE! (brickmaker's table contest finalists @ velvet & linen)

by now, we are sure you are familiar with the brickmaker's table givaway over at velvet & linen- one of the most spectacular blog contests ever! i mean, who gives away 3 peices of furniture in a blog contest? brooke giannetti of velvet & linen, that's who!

anyhoo, brooke received an overwhelming 170 photo submissions for the contest, so she asked some blogger friends for help in selecting their top five photos so 10 finalists could be selected for her blog readers to pick the winners... cut to maison21 spending friday night, glass of wine in hand, peeking into the living rooms of 170 homes across america. talk about a kid in a candy store! the entries ranged from "wow, that room is awesome, and the brickmaker's table will really make it sing" to "sorry honey, your room needs more help then a mere table could ever provide- here's my card. call me- i can help". ;-) good, bad or merely indifferent, maison21 is grateful to all to entered, thereby making contest that much more fun!

and a big thank you to brooke for all the hard work she put into this contest, and for asking maison21 to participate! 3 of our top 5 picks made into the 10 finalists, so now you- the readers of this blog, brooke's blog and the 26 other blogs participating- have to go vote for the winner! you have until sunday, nov. 29th at 8 am to cast your ballot!

go vote today!


Julio said...

Ha! you are too funny Christian. I am on my way to vote. Thanks for the lead and laugh.

Velvet and Linen said...

I really should have enlisted you to explain the whole give away on my blog. You did it here with such clarity and a bit of the Maison 21 humor that I love.
Thank you so much for your help and for those hysterical e-mails on Friday when I was about to throw in the towel. I couldn't have done this without you (and a few martinis!).


maison21 said...

julio- thanks! and thanks for voting!

brooke, thank you! the most fun blogging i've had in a while!

jamesxvi said...

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your nice compliments on my hay bale vignette! You have a great blog and I added you to my list on Garvinweasel. Your positive feedback really means a lot to me. Wish you an wonderful Thanksgiving.