24 December 2009

gettin' in the mood

today, on christmas eve day, maison21 will be indulging in a little holiday movie viewing to get him in the xmas spirit while he writes out his kind words for the friends and family he will be spending time with over the holiday, and wraps a few lil' stocking stuffers. one of his favorite holiday movies is oliver! which technically isn't really a holiday movie at all, but it does tend to pop up on TV around christmas, and what the heck, m21 loves a lavish 60's technicolor movie musical, so xmas is a good excuse as any to watch...
how can you not be in a good ol' holiday mood after viewing an over-the-top production number like this?

next, we look forward to viewing liza minelli in "the dangerous christmas of little red riding hood", a gift from a favorite client and good friend who said she found it at the 99¢ store in las vegas and couldn't resist (and sweetie, if you read this, i know you gave it to me last year but i left it in my glove compartment, and didn't discover it again until spring, so i saved it for this xmas!) m21 has absolutely no idea what the heck this dvd will entail- it could be fabulously good camp, or it could be awful crap camp, but no matter what it is LIZA in a holiday costume production, so the time spent viewing the movie will not be wasted- even if only to report back on it!

and last, because like with his decorating, m21 prefers his holiday movie viewing with a twist or two, we are going to watch a documentary on 80's performance artist extraordinaire, leigh bowery. after all, what says christmas more then a tale of the life of a troubled, visionary genius cut tragically short? but leigh makes us happy and m21 has a rare whole day free, so watching this dvd isn't such an odd choice, really.
what will you be doing today in preparation for the holiday? working? last minute shopping? baking? wrapping gifts and watching movies like m21?


Margaret said...

I so totally identify with 'dancing with 2 left platform boots...'

SogniSorrisi said...

I'm working and then heading over to my mom's to help her with the cooking.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!