29 December 2009

i love you guys!

m21 wants to give each and every one of you a big ol' hug & kiss! when i started whoring for votes in apartment therapy's homies contest, i never dreamed i'd get so many, and the many sweet and touching comments you left were truly the icing on the cake! the whole goal was to not be embarrassed with just 2 noms- me and the person who nominated me- so to end up with anything over two is amazing, and 60 nominations was beyond my wildest dreams. 60 may not sound like a lot to some people, but with 698 blogs entered, it was enough to put me in the top 25 blogs of home design! TOP TWENTY FIVE! MOI! and all thanks to you, my sweet friends! i love you guys- each and every one of you!

and our sincere congrats to the 6 finalists:
now go vote for a real apartment therapy style blog- one that teaches you sumpthin' useful- like how to macramé a dining table, or turn an ikea desk into a mobile home; and know that when you are done with your craft projects, you can always take a break and come back here for a little silly, a little decoratin', and a cute pet picture or two...


Paul Anater said...

Even though my petitions to Santa went unanswered, it was nice to be acknowledged --by Apartment Therapy of all places.

Congratulations on your placement in those rankings Christian, you deserve it. I enjoy your spot on the internet immensely and I thank the gods of Twitter for introducing us. You're a good egg and meeting you was a real highlight of 2009. Here's to even more power and influence in 2010!

Bromeliad said...

Hilarious. I'm sitting here thinking, hmmmh, I wonder if I COULD macrame a dining table. said...

Congratulations Christian! Have an Amazing and Happy New Year!

All the best,

Margaret said...

Good things come to those who blog.