03 December 2009

less is more in m21's white xmas holiday decor...

several readers emailed m21 after his recent "same old, same old" xmas tree post, asking about how we decorate the rest of the atelier to compliment our fakedy-fake tree, and our answer is, when it comes to holiday decor, our personal preference is "less is more" (ironic, right? as maison21, with his predilection for shiny things, sort of considers himself a "more is more" kind guy)- but since we do tend to have an abundance of tchotchkes already hanging out in the atelier, it makes sense to keep our holiday decor clean and simple. really, really, simple. in fact we use only three ingredients: white, silver and light.

a fake white wreath scored from domestications last year for 7 bucks is our only exterior decor. our white tree is visible from our front window, so we don't need anything else- plus, our neighbors have more then compensated for our restraint with their exuberance. don't want to compete!

welcome to maison21's fabulously fake xmas!

inside, as you already know, our faux-licious xmas tree is white, with white lights, and a zillion different shades of silver, white and clear ornaments (for those who asked, exact tree is discontinued, but similar styles are still available- read the back story here ). so our tree doesn't look lonely as the only bit of christmas decor, we like to fill bowls with silver balls to bring some holiday sparkle to the rest of the house, adding a little cheer to every room. pretty much our only other nod to xmas is our beloved white poinsettias (we'd probably go overboard with them if we had our druthers, but being a responsible cat parent means we have to settle for just one, on our 5 foot high mantle where richard can't get to it). last, since xmas is about family and tradition, we also bring out a pair of mom's kosta boda snowball candles to sit on our coffee table- they were part of our holidays growing up for as long as we remember so we like the continuity they bring to our holiday celebration (we added the lucite box they are displayed in, just to zhoozh 'em up a bit. mama maison21 was stylish, but not lucite stylish). last, we complete the scene with a roaring fire, and boom- m21 is done with holiday decoratin' and ready to entertain! simple, and we hope, chic:

the black candles (on the silvered ceramic pillars) aren't very xmas-y, but they help tie in the vintage italian black glass bowl and b&w german planter which reside on the mantle year round, along with the vintage 1970 light sculpture (prettier in person- has more of an over all glow). m21 changes all the vignettes in the atelier frequently- except the mantle for some reason- it stays as-is, year-in & year-out (minus the poinsettia and ornaments of course).

now just because we prefer our own holiday decor to be "less is more", doesn't mean we don't appreciate it when others go all out! we'll be seeing lots of blogger homes on the internets this holiday season, but we'd like to give our lovely friends and readers without blogs an opportunity to share their hard work and creativity too! so send m21 a photo of your own decked out holiday decor- if we get enough photos, we'll devote a post to readers' homes sometime before christmas- email your pix here!


Bonnie said...

Your Christmas decor is gorgeous! I'm hooked on your words fakedy-fake and faux-licious! You've made it all look very chic and cozy at the same time!

maison21 said...

bonnie- i couldn't ask for a higher compliment than 'chic and cozy'- thank you!

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Wow, I admire your restraint. I couldn't do "less is more" if I tried, and believe me, I have. I am pretty proud of myself though for buying an all apple green, fakest of the fake, big fat berry wreath for my front door this year. I'll tie a couple of colorful satin ribbons to it and be done. Not as minimal and chic as yours, but definitely minimal for me! Love the door, love the mantle, but I especially love the snowballs... and the sentiment they hold.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh, it's looking glammed up indeed! Just the right amount of sparkle. Must get on the stick myself but have been working on so many other home projects. Sharing some of my baubles on my blog this week, too.

Paul Anater said...

I love your restraint, seriously. I will say 'til it's my dying breath that doing less and doing it well takes more creativity than just cluttering up spaces. Doing less is also a sign of super intelligence.

Kitty said...

looks great! i lost my white tree in a move, and i miss it.

Annie said...

I'm loving it all - and the fact that the cat is Richard - fabulous! Love the wreath & I'm all about the fakedy-fake trees - I'm sporting a white one. However I haven't been able to do the less is more at Christmas time - I go wild!!

katiedid said...

Gorgeous as usual! I would expect nothing less. It may ease your mind to know that Poinsettas will not hurt Mona or Richard. Toxicity is an Urban Legend. But perhaps it is more of a "plant being knocked over and little dirty paw prints all over the freshly cleaned upholstery" kind of thing. It is at our house.

Happy Holidays

maison21 said...

tracy- well, the only time i think i can do "less is more" is the holidays- otherwise, i'm all about "more is more" too (just maybe a different flavor of more, if you know what i mean). your wreath sounds fab- will it be published?

maryam- thank you! i'll be looking forward to your baubles on you blog! happy decorating!

paul- i don't know if "Doing less is also a sign of super intelligence" or super -aziness as the tree is such an ordeal to put up, i don't have the will for anything else- but thank you, nonetheless!

kitty- thank you! i hope you find a white tree in your future!

annie- and thank you too! send me a picture of your xmas time gone wild- i'd love to see it!

katie- thank you! i don't know about toxic, but i can tell you from the diarrhea incident of '06, and the exorbitant vet bills incurred, that poinsettias definitely don't agree with richard's digestive system! (that's how i learned that the mantle is the one spot in the house he can't get at- otherwise he'd be eating at the poinsettia fresh salad bar, 24/7) .

as for dirty paws, i'd be thrilled if it was just dirt (see my next post). ;-)

and happy holidays to all!