26 December 2009

it's over, m21, so please- just let it go... (holiday wrap-up)

one last xmas post, then we'll shut up... until we start our orgy of new year's related posts, of course! (just kidding on that one, btw- we've really don't have much on the resolution agenda this year. we mostly are just looking forward to getting 2009 the hell over with already!)

our xmas booty, pre-delivery.

we decided everybody needed a cheap little tchotchke to unwrap along with their gift of "kind words" (it made the "kind words" portion a little less solemn and eulogy-esque), so we wrapped up a really inexpensive (yet cute) little stocking stuffer to go with, and the resulting lil packages kinda cute, so we thought we'd share. (the kind words went well, btw- at least 2 people cried, so we consider it mission accomplished! writing the words was a little harder then we anticipated- not the thinking of the nice things to say, but rather the editing of those kind things down to two or three meaningful sentences- nobody wants to spend xmas morning reading a novel!)

our stocking stuffers were wrapped in this weird shoji screen replacement rice paper/fabric we bought for a lighting project, and didn't end up using- it's been hanging out in the atelier forevah, and would have eventually been tossed in le garbage. m21 LOVES to use whatever he has onhand to wrap gifts, stuff that would otherwise be considered trash- grocery bags, newspaper, old fabric samples, wallpaper remnants- basically anything that can be folded around an object! it's fun, green and creative, and we hope people like the personalized touch. also, m21 was NOT blessed with the gift wrapping gene, so wrapping in a funky fashion frees him from worrying about perfect creases, wrinkle free paper and all that martha stewart/art of gift wrapping stuff he simply doesn't have the patience for! i mean crikey, people are just going to rip it all off anyway! (though m21 freely admits to having paid for gifts to be professionally wrapped for more formal occasions, like weddings, etc.- homespun ain't always appropriate).

our never ending ball of twine...

instead of ribbon, we again, like to use whatever we have on hand, which is usually this big ball of twine. we've had it forever, and though we've used it to tie hundreds of gifts, it's still going strong- half it's original size, but seemingly endless. (m21 cautions people not to get too creative with the ribbon substitute- we well remember the xmas morning debacle of '98, when no one could open the gifts we tied with a carefully sculpted wire bow- christmas morning was nearly ruined until wire cutters were located! ;-)

home made cards (well, home designed and printed cards- no glitter or glue involved this year).

last, we topped off our funky wrapping with a homemade card- a tradition we've carried on since childhood (you might recognize it, as it was our holiday greeting to all of you as well!) we love homemade cards, and would rather have a clever or pretty card made with love, then a store-bought greeting any day- we sure hope others feel the same, or we look pretty stupid after 40 years of glitter and glue!

ok, we've milked this holiday for all it's worth- xmas '09 is officially all wrapped up!


Ivy Lane said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Margaret said...

Wire bows of '98-channeling Leigh, per chance?

maison21 said...

merry xmas to you too, ivy! hope your holiday was fab!

@margaret- no, just channeling stupidity. i had this big spool of gold wire left over from some random project, and thought it would make beautiful bows on packages, never realizing that it would absolutely stump people on how to get their gifts untied. good lesson in "keep it simple, stupid"- some ideas are best not put into practice!

Margaret said...


GardenDesigner said...

Love your Blog! Funny and Cool!
I will definitely be a new reader in the the new year!


Ashfield Hansen Design Inc. said...

But Christmas isn't over! As of today you still have 8 more days of the 12 days of Christmas!
David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Great post. Love the packages but am especially impressed with the tags. I remember when I used to be creative like that... and then I had a teenager. Can't use that excuse any more though. Here's hoping 2010 is the year I get my brain back. Happy New Year (I'm saying it early just in case) and thanks for always being such an inspiration!!

tula said...

OMG...loving the sweet little Hos all in a row. happy holidays to you and the family!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Oooh.......I see I have my work cut out for me. Can I convert a "crikey, this just rip it off anyways" kind of gift-wrapping guy to one who may appreciate more embellished presentations? Don't think so.... but only since you are so humourous and gave me a good chuckle and I actually like your simpler presentations! Otherwise I would be all over you saying gift wrapping doesn't matter! Stop in for a visit and we can dish over interior design though, gift wrap lectures. Happy New year and I just might send you a gift wrap to change your mind this year (but only if you remain highly entertaining). All the best in 2010. Enjoyed your new blog (for me).