07 December 2009

just in case...

just in case anyone was wondering what to get m21 for xmas, he desperately wants a neo-classic plaster shell console for his hall. if you can't find plaster, we'll settle for a carved wood edward wormley/dunbar version.

we'd be ever so grateful. thx.

see? wouldn't it look great?
sloppy seconds ;-), but we'd make do.

only 17 days left, so you better have it air-freighted too, santa! ;-)

ps- santa, a reader alerted us that they have a well-priced version of the plaster shell console in their store, beyond gorgeosity, so you don't have to search too hard. please have your elves bust out the white spray paint on it before delivery please- we want it to look like serge roche. thx again!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

OMG, I DIE. You can have the plaster one and I'll take the wood one and call it a day: all we need now is a benefactor (or benefactress!)

jones said...

I totally agree, either Serge Roche or Ed Wormley would look amazing. Jones helped decorate last night--ornaments (some survived) everywhere while I was searching for more in the garage. I think that he is competing with Richard. Have a great week. Mary said...

Good to know, I'll keep that in mind Christian;)