22 July 2010

good swatch, bad swatch...

the name and the appearance of a tiny chip in a fan deck can be very misleading. for instance take benjamin's moore's "driftscape tan" which is neither a driftwood nor a tan, but rather a sickly purple (we could tell it had a purple-ish undertone from the chip, but never expected this. it was worse in person, trust).

you can see that the options of our swatches were quite varied, but several very different options can help one visualize the directions a room can take (there were actually MORE swatches then the selections shown, and in the end, the choice was clear to the client). though it goes against logic, having a clunker in the bunch- like driftscape tan- can help narrow choices in a good way. sometimes having something to react against helps to facilitate a decision for a different color. (remember, there are no mistakes when swatching- it's all gonna get covered up in the end).

so just a timely reminder to swatch, swatch, swatch before you paint, paint, paint, and if you are still in doubt after all that swatching, buy a quart of your favorite swatch or two, and paint a whole wall (don't worry about neatness- that comes once the real painting happens). it will tell you what you need to know before you the go to the time and expense of painting an entire room. a small investment in a quart can save hundreds of dollars in heartache! also, let your paint selections settle for 24 hours before you decide- some paints continue to change color as they dry completely.

last tip, pick your paint color last in your decorating scheme timeline- fabrics and carpets come in limited palettes, but paint is virtually infinite- there is always another color and another company to choose from (which is one of the reasons it can be so damn hard to pick- too many choices!)


Welcome! said...

There was a home featured a few months back either in HB or Trad Home or Elle Decor that had Driftscape Tan everywhere! Can't recall the designer was but there was definitely some mauveness happening there! 80's coming around again!

maison21 said...

welcome, i am a huge fan of 80's design and am excited to see a resurgence, but PLEASE no mauve or dusty rose this time around.


COCOCOZY said...

Maybe we are all color blind and Benjamin Moore is right about driftwood being definitively purple!


Grant K. Gibson said...

ALWAYS have to put the samples up. I always tell people the same thing.
I am SO into the color to the right above the light switch. What is that?
Hope that you are having a GREAT summer!

Concrete Jungle said...

ummm...... driftscape tan?...quite imaginative for by the looks of it a' true blue' mauve!
Excellent advice all around hard sometimes with stuarated hues of a colour though don't you find it sometimes is the 2nd coat before the primer behind is well and truly painted over?

maison21 said...

coco- that must be it!

grant- it is BM HC-77- alexandria beige, which of course isn't beige at all, but more coffee with a hint of cream. it's a great deep neutral, without being overwhelmingly dark.

concrete- yes, on saturated tones, particularly reds, primer and two coats are necessary even when swatching. i always warn clients that reds are tricky devils, and even if we swatch the hell out of them, sometimes what goes up on the wall can be different.

jones said...

Thanks for the reminder, I'm with Grant. The swatch beside the light switch is calling to me. thanks. Mary

rouge said...

This is nothing whatsoever to do with your present post! I've tried several times in the past to post comments (most of them in response to your Mona and Teddy posts) and for whatever reason have failed. Prolly because I can never remember my damned passwords. But I've just been reading your post on the G&W wallpaper (for which many thankyous), and done a bit of strolling around other posts, and I'm impelled to try again and say that Maison 21, you are a lovely person and though I've never met you, you seem often to surface in my thoughts. I think you should come and live in Sydney so that my (rescued) dogs could meet yours. X