16 July 2010

new york, from above

boy, are these photos of new york city making m21 long for a visit (though we think we'll wait until the weather is a little more tolerable- it's freakishly muggy and warm here in los angeles, so we'd imagine NYC with a projected high of 95 degrees today is like a steambath). lots more amazing pics here.

have a nice weekend, kids! stay cool!


Kelly R said...

Ahhh... so wish I was there, heat and all! There's no place like it!

Karena said...

I love these kind of images, I had quite a nice weekend last week and the photos are fabulous!!

Art by Karena

Ivy Lane said...

Amazing! Stay cool M21~

Pigtown-Design said...

we were there last wednesday, and i think we got the coolest day in a while. thank god.