07 July 2010

"lazy hazy" exhibition at jf chen

readers of this blog know maison21 loves hisself some jf chen, the most amazing antique store in los angeles, so he was excited to attend the opening party of "lazy hazy" an exhibition of classic and vintage outdoor furniture with some seriously fabulous tropical plantings (provided by the tropics), all curated by jf chen impresario, joel chen. the exhibition runs through august 13th, and m21 plans to return in the daylight to get a better look at all the fabulousity, and he suggests if you are in the area, you check it out too!

the party was pretty awesome- we spotted trina turk and madeline stuart in the crowd of LA's design glitterati, and we were delighted to meet adorable ashlina from the decorista in person (small world, she used to work at jf chen!).

giant aloe in a giant clamshell? m21 LOVED the gorgeous plants and arrangements by the tropics- completely stunning!

one of joel chen's fabulous vignettes....

how fabulous is this terra cotta screen? it forms a lounge space within the cavernous warehouse. when m21 returns in the daylight, he'll find out the story on it's origins- it is serious cool, and of course, we always love chunky burl furniture.

love the pairing of these rustic concrete toadstools and a classic mid-century concrete willy guhl chair.

"lazy hazy" through august 13th

941 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: 323-466-9700

addendum- in what is either a complete co-inky-dink, or an instance of of one of the largest newspapers in the world *totally* copying m21 (we vote the latter ;-), the "L.A. times at home" blog of the los angeles times published a piece this morning on the same exhibit; though we hate to publicize such an obvious instance of plagiarism from a once well-respected journalistic institution, we do recommend you go here to read the article- though we warn you, it's chock full of annoying facts and research 'n stuff (like the name of who designed the fabulous screen), which m21 kindly omitted for your mindless browsing pleasure...


jones said...

Do doubt Joel Chen has the best "eye" and vision in this (crazy) business, but you forgot to mention that he is a great guy--sincere and truly involved with this clients. Have a great day!!! Mary

ashlina {the decorista} said...

hi hunny. it was so FANTASTIC to meet you. such a small world i love it. we must attend an event again soon. xoxo