22 December 2010

rainy day playlist, pt. 2


Rhianna said...

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac is my karaoke song!

jones said...

Richard looks a little bored--I guess he is waiting for his presents. Christian--wishing you a wonderfully blessed Christmas surrounded by love. Mary

My Notting Hill said...

Oh, the picture of the kitty, with the spot clear where his breath is on the window, is so sweet. My sister is in LA and sent pics of her kids going stir crazy in the house w/all the rain

I bought a mid -century light fixture at a flea market the other day - I'd be curious if you might have any insights into its origins.

Happy Holidays & Best wishes for a great 2011! Michele

Bromeliad said...

How about Desert Rose (Sting)? (e.g. I dream of ra ay ay ay ay ain.)