09 December 2010

reform school

sometimes you see an idea so different, yet so simple, and you think, "why didn't i think of that?" and that is exactly what maison21 thought to himself when he recieved an email about abc carpet and home's new "color reform" collection-  a simple but brilliant idea: take imperfect, vintage carpets and overdye them, turning them into pop-modern statement pieces.

m21 has never been a huge fan of traditional 'oriental' carpets, and probably wouldn't ever specify an oushak or tabriz carpet unless it was something already owned by a client, and they has a strong sentimental attachment, but these rugs take that traditional carpet and take it to a whole new level, and for a color lover like m21, they certainly captured our fancy.

you can see the whole collection here.

cool stuff.


Grant K. Gibson said...

Where were you a month ago with this post and I was looking for something bright for a project?
I love my over faded oushak in my living room. I wonder if I could fit it in my bathtub with some RIT dye...

maison21 said...

grant, i was thinking RIT and the oversize washer at an attendant-free local laundromat!

Raina Cox said...

So brilliant. I would be happy with with and every one of these in my home.

Thanks for the tip, C-Man!

Margaret said...

I'm not the only one who "sees" then "wants" and then "recalculates the damages."
Try a mild bleach spray on a print rug, followed by razor blade shaving to recreate a worn look?

Bromeliad said...

Love that blue one. So mo-dern.