24 January 2011

nature's fiercest predator (or biggest pussycat)

when richard was a teeny tiny kitten, i couldn't play with him with a toy.  mona would see the toy, think it was hers, and proceed to destroy it, while richard would run and hide under the bed; but kittens want to play 24/7, so i did what pet experts warn never to do- played with him with my hands. that way we could be stealthily playing together in my lap, and mona would blissfully ignore us.  hands to her were for petting or feeding- if they weren't doing one of those two things, what use did she have for them?

little did i know then, that richard's daddy was a bobcat or a mountain lion, and he would grow in the biggest cat evah, so now i have a 22 pound cat whose idea of a good time is attacking hands.  scares the bejesus out of visitors to the atelier, let me tell you- if he likes you and stops being terrified long enough to come out from under the bed, sooner or later, your hands are gonna get it. no escape.

the amazing thing is that even though richard has the tools to be one of nature's fiercest predators- 22 pounds of muscle, needle sharp teeth and claws, is not something i'd want to mess with in a dark alley- he really is just a big ol' pussycat at heart.  he has never pierced my skin or even put a scratch mark on me in his playful attacks. sure you feel it- he's a big boy- but it never really hurts.  when i warn guests of his habits and they indulge him, to a one they react the same after an encounter- it looks likes he's gonna hurt you, but when it's all over, and no blood is drawn or limbs severed, they laugh and let him go in for the kill again.  kind of like a scary ride at amusement park- after you live through it once, you do again, just for fun!

so do you think you'd be brave enough to stop in for a bite?


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I could handle this! I used to have a little dachshund that I played with like that as a puppy because I didn't know better. She would attack my arm and make so much noise and bare her teeth that people were sure she was hurting me...but no...never...she was just playing. As a grown dog...she always decided to do it while I was on the phone and whomever I was talking to would ask if everything was ok.

But when I got this group of dogs I had learned you should never play with them like when they would bite my hand I'd say "No bite".

And now if I wiggle my fingers at them or try to get them to play just a little like this....they have absolutely no interest. They look at me like...What are you doing?

I didn't know cats would learn this behavior too.

Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

Some people are just cat people. I'm one of them. I'd love to meet Richard! As a designer I've learned that being a cat person really helps when you meet with a client who is also, but if they're not; they never have to know you go home and sleep with furry felines. You're never freaked out when a client's cat jumps up on the counter or rubs against your leg (like some other Scouts I know and love and work with :) )

jones said...

He is an amazing cat. Wow--Richard has become huge. Whereas Mini Beast is big and fat. Have a great day.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

He couldn't hurt a flea. He just wouldn't.
Hoep your week is going well.

Brillante Interiors said...

I like cats but I am more a dog's person. I do play with my dog and hands, he is so cute when I say "No bite" and the look in his face is of deep guilt...but he never never hurts me and maybe it is a good way of teaching them not to hurt and not to bite people or other pets.

katiedid said...

Of Course! I had a cat hat looked just like Sylvester, so I called him Sly. I used to wear my sweatshirt and pull the sleeve down over my hand and hold it tight with my fist so I could wrestle with him. We had a ball. I would tickle his stomach and he would grab ahold with his front paws and kick like a rabbit with his feet. I miss my old friend.