22 January 2011

old hollywood glamor

this is the materials/color palette for the living room of a classic 1940's english regency home in the heart of old hollywood. driven by the stark 'antelope' carpet, we've selected solid ivory and tan indoor/outdoor velvets for our main upholstered pieces, with colorful, patterned, accent pillows, mainly in blues, to break it up a bit. the vintage and modern furniture will also have touches of ebonized wood, gilt and mirror, and to keep things on the wild side, we plan on bringing in some crazily chic tibetan lamb covered benches. we think it's a sophisticated, yet still exciting palette, and our clients thankfully agree.
mantel elevation of the project, featuring the client's existing sunburst mirror, flanked by a matched pair of chests, with abstract modern paintings hung above.  we are striving to hit the balance between the traditional architecture of the home and our clients' more hip and modern sensibilities.


Divine Theatre said...

Although my home is the diametric opposite of this design I really like your vision. Unfortunately, unless modern is high end and done right it looks like a dentist's office. I have neither the money nor the talent to pull "modern" off!
Come and see my new post! I had the most brilliant idea in the history of brilliant ideas!


Ivy Lane said...

I hope you will share the big reveal when it is done..or at least give us a peek or two...or three...! Looks to be an exciting project!

Concrete Jungle said...

Hope you show us the results! Looks like it will be classic ( colours and Stark carpet) with a twist of fun tibetan lamb covered benches!

MaryBeth said...

I hope to see pictures of this finished room as these choices are hitting all my buttons. They are glorious.

jones said...

Hi Christian. I love this plan and its balance. Favorite elements: the antelope carpet with the Tibetan lamb counterpoint plus the vintage sunburst. Heaven. Mary

Tammy@InStitches said...

I'm crazy about the antelope carpet and using indoor/outdoor velvet, can't wait to see after pics.

maison21 said...

thanks for the props, kids! we will of course share photos, but we are a looooooong way from that now- nothing has even been ordered! (or finalized, for that matter)!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I am seriously waiting to see this one! Lamb? Genius!
Have a great week, Christian.