16 January 2011

weekend fun

what did you do for fun this weekend? m21 had a lapdance!

if there is a straight guy reading this blog (and chances of that are slim), try not to be too jealous, k? me? i was just hoping they were well paid.
just kidding 'bout the lap dance. the picture was the photo op in the 'dessert and burleseque' room (what a combo, right?) of the "nivea for men mansion", part of the run up to the golden globes madness that is gripping LA this weekend. jill, of material girls, invited us to tag along with her, and her good friend, brooke, for a night of free drinks, free food, free 'nivea for men' products... and a tiger. yes, we said tiger- another of the photo ops was with a playful six month old tiger cub!  (before you say it- yes, we know- we were also very conflicted about the tiger being used as a prop, but trust, that (big) little kitten was having a blast. he had a little dog brought along as a playmate too- cuteness overload.  if we ever find how to access the picture with him, we'll share it).
this is kind of tiger cub they pimped out- a golden tabby.  so ginormously cute.
lapdances and tigers- only in LA, right? (actually, we take that back- it was one blackjack table away from "only in las vegas", but still kinda fun in that vegas-y kind of way).

last, the invitation promised us james franco, but we only saw one girl from "the hills" or "the city" or some other show we are far too old to watch or care about; our single other celebrity sighting was 80's fave, taylor dayne, now a respectably coiffed woman of a certain age (getting to pet the tiger cub more than made up for the loss of james franco, btw).

we'll close this post with taylor's insanely catchy 80's hit (been humming it all morning, much against our will. ok, not so much against our will- we LOVED this song back in the day-  if we had known she was going to be there, we would have brought our extended remix cassingle for her to sign!)


Karena said...

Too too fun Christian!! The Golden Globes will be great!

Art by Karena

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

LOVE this pic! Yes, the adventures of M21 & MG-LA do involve burlesque dancers, mansions in Beverly Hills, & tigers - oh my! Once again, had another fun night with you!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Priceless! What else can I say.

maison21 said...

so guys, if you need me- i'll be at the spearmint rhino, getting more lapdance love.