24 January 2011

so damn cranky (an open letter to the public relations industry)

maybe it's because we're busy, maybe it's just our time of the month ;-), but today, we got all fed up and in your face about it:

please, PR people, just because you can send a mass email by just pushing the send button, doesn't mean you should.  i *love* pitches about design-related products, but have some respect, and make sure you are pitching to the right outlet, and remember, there is a person behind every blog or site, and we all have names...

ps- we deliberately changed the name of the PR person in question for the screen capture of this email.


Suzy said...

well said!

Raina Cox said...

My favorites are the invitations for events in far-off lands. Dude, if you're not comping the trip don't send me the invite.