09 February 2013

grace home furnishings

two weeks ago, i attended a luncheon to celebrate a highlight video produced from last year's legends of la cienega design festival, and was reminded of all the fun i had last year creating my window display at gray morrell. i met so many great people during the festival, and forged many new friendships within the local design community, and it made working on my window one of my (many) highlights of 2012.
me, relaxing on a hot summer's day in custom swivel barrel chair inside the beautiful grace home furnishings showroom. you can tell this photo was taken a while ago as it's not quite shorts weather right now!
one of the friendships i struck up was with the nice people at grace home furnishings. when i was stuck trying to make the screen that was so essential for the backdrop of my window display, grace home furnishings graciously (sorry 'bout the pun) stepped in and made the most amazingly beautiful lacquered wooden screen for me. i was so relieved as i had thought of building it myself and was terrified that my homemade 8 foot tall screen would topple over and smash about a bazillion dollars worth of antiques. the screen grace made me was so well made, in additional to being beautiful, that i think it would have stood even if we had an earthquake! and they made it in the extremely tight timeline i was working under.
my window would have looked like le poo-poo without that amazing backdrop of the grace home screen with tracy hiner's fabulous watercolor panel insets. grace home truly has my eternal gratitude for going above and beyond the call of duty!
GH's avery cabinet, inspired by a piece spotted in london.
i've always ben a fan of grace home's polished style, first posting about them in 2008 featuring their hayworth nightchests as one of my all time favorites. grace home has a knack for producing some the prettiest mirrored furniture pieces around...
visiting the showroom always provides design inspiration- the showroom vignettes are  consistently  some of the loveliest in LA.
masculine and mirrored don't always go together, but grace home manages easily with their vendome  cabinet, another of my favorite pieces in their own line.
grace home definitely isn't short on glamor... bed and slipper chairs are lovely examples of their high luxe aesthetic.
it's also a great place to grab accessories and gifts- roger and michael have a great eye, so you can't go wrong.
pretty doesn't mean it can't be family friendly- i loved how this young girl made herself at home while her parents shopped. 
i'm a big kid at heart, so i was THRILLED to receive two coloring books and a t-shirt during my showroom visit. ted and richard would now like their own branded coloring books by the way.
the highlight of any store visit is meeting gracie in person- i mean we've all seen her in the ads in  every design magazine, right? and let me tell you, she is a charmer!
design lovers, if you find yourself in LA, do yourself a favor and stop into the showroom in brentwood. you'll be glad you did!


mary said...

Hi Christian. Great legs! Although I love Grace Home furnishings (especially their upholstery), I was really waiting for an update on Gracie... she's such a good girl and her pearls are to die for. I think that Jones would love her.

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

As I was scrolling, I was hoping there would be a picture of the dog. :)

faye said...

i really like the cabinet with mirrors

Jessie Miller said...

How fabulous! I'll try to check it out during my next trip to LA later this month!

JuliaSmith said...

It looks fantastic ......Architects in karnataka

Shane said...

Christian, I hope it is not indiscreet to say that you really are stunning. Obviously, I only know of you what I've seen on your blog, but you're a funny, handsome, and well-dressed guy. I just re-read your "It Gets Better"-themed post from 2009 and it moved me. As a fellow gay man, high school was no picnic for me either; like you, I took comfort in music and close friendship and now I am out and proud. You seem like a wonderful man, and any guy would be lucky to have you as a partner.

Vikas Jangra said...

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