04 February 2013

i just can't help myself- another sneak peek! (oh & be a homie, wouldya?)

i know, i know-  i said no more project sneak peeks, but i'm so proud right now i'm fit to bursting!  my amazing clients matt and adam sent me the above snap of a window screen they sourced and DIY'd themselves, and i couldn't be more thrilled with the results. at the beginning of our project, i proposed a screen to provide privacy from the street for their large and unusually shaped front window but my custom sources couldn't give us the moroccan/mid century vibe we wanted for a realistic price, so i was a bit stumped on how to make it happen. obviously no cheap shoji-screen was going to cut it  but those kids wren't going to let my idea go without a fight, so adam ended up finding the perfect vintage-inspired decorative screen online, and then matt thought of using the light filtering vellum he uses for his amazing photography as a privacy film, and bam, the perfect solution was created.  and don't get me started on the cuteness of of the gallery wall they installed this weekend in their hallway but we'll save that for the final photoshoot.  i love working with creative peeps, and sometimes it takes a village to decorate a house so i couldn't be happier with the results of our creative collaboration... in this case, 3 minds are waaaay better than one!

click on the house to help a homie out!
and on a totally different subject, i need YOU to collaborate with ME so i don't get embarrassed over at apartment therapy's annual homie awards! voting started last friday, i've made a good showing so far thanks to my delightful facebook and twitter friends, but the blogs who actually deserve to win are starting to get out the vote, and i'm dropping like a stone (insert sad trombone sound). my friend emily, the fancy schmancy HGTV star, casually mentioned the awards on her blog today and leapfrogged over me, (and about a dozen others) to take 1st place- which she totally deserves, mind you- but still, we'd like to at least make a good showing by not finishing in the bottom percentile.  so if anyone reading this would like to throw me a pity vote, i ain't too proud to beg! and the best part is, that while you take pity on me, you can actually vote for all your other favorite blogs at the same time- they are all on the list!  and i should know- i spent a good portion of friday night nominating all my friends and faves!  (including matt & adam who deserve your vote not only for matt's awesome food blog, matt bites, but also for that rad screen that made me so happy this weekend! they are under best food photography on a blog, btw).

now go cast your pity vote for me, and all the other blogs who actually deserve to win, and thank you for your support!

and this time, i'm for serious- no more sneeks!  ;-)  oxoxo!

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