17 February 2013

weekend pick (tales of the junque whisperer™)

while walking ted, i randomly found this crazy 1970's chinois-meets-deco floral screen at our neighborhoods's biannual weekend yard sale blowout, and it was the perfect addition to the corner of my client's living room (loving how the silver leaf brightens up the dark corner too).  you never know when you are going to find the right piece, so it pays to keep your eyes open (and your ears too, as you never know when the the junque whisperer™ will call).


Matters of Style said...

Wow so fab!! Perfect for that corner!

mary said...

The screen even picks up the other colors. We do know where inspiration comes from!!
Have a great week.

Elmer said...

Great piece of work!

Shay said...

Good find to just stumble upon like that!