11 February 2013

thanks, kids! (m21 here, there, & everywhere!)

i just wanted to thank all you kids out there who voted for me in apartment therapy's annual homie awards. over 400 blogs were nominated and with your support we placed 16th- not so bad! i know many of you have been hanging out with me since the beginning over 5 years ago, and i can't express my gratitude for your faithfulness. y'all are the best.
and speaking of hanging out, you probably already know in-between blog posts you can follow along with me on my other social media outlets right?  i'm always posting sumthin' somewhere!  whether it's facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram, you'll find general silliness and sometimes even designery stuff  at least one of them, updated several times a day (ps- instagram is now web-based for those of you who don't use it on your phone)
last, i'd like to thank cision navigator for naming me the top interior design blogger on twitter- i may not have been number one over at the homies, but at least i'm number one somewhere! thanks, cision! ;-)


mary said...

Hi Christian. Congratulations!! Yep, No. 1.

Allie said...

Congrats! 16th place is really good!

KMP Modern said...

Congratulations to all your accolades. That's how we found you! And we are so glad we did. Your blog looks fantastic and your cat is too sweet. Keep on posting!