01 February 2013

it's in the details (a mini-lighting installation sneak peek)

i know, i know, i practically never post and here i am busting out two in a day, but i am so excited that i had to share:  my amazing clients, matt & adam, just had their handyman install the sconces we picked out together last weekend, and the transformation is unbelievable.  it took a while to find sconces that provided the right size, scale and drama factor, plus worked with the house's 1927 spanish revival architecture, and didn't require that matt & adam try to sell one of their adorable little dogs to pay for them, but we found them, and they are perfect! now i just need to stop sharing these lil sneak peeks before i've shared the whole project and there are no surprises left! (i guess there will be some left- i think we'll all be surprised when i figure out what the heck to do with all the niches in matt & adam's living room! ;-)

oh- i also bought them this brutal style sidetable on scowters.  the minute i was emailed the picture to do my post on our sale, i knew this bad boy had to be mine! i was skerred when i posted it, i'd draw too much attention, but i was like a madman with the refresh button during thursday's sale and scored it!  it was meant to be.

oh wait- i forgot i had a before pic, as matt & adam found the place when they purchased. we lightened and brightened the wall paint color, and painted the beam and mantel a darker brown to closer match the newly stained floors (the color they were before was unfortunate, to say the least- not to mention the dead matte finish). and since many of you have emailed to ask, the sconces are not vintage, but reproductions, purchased from crown city vintage lighting in the pasadena antique center. a teensy improvement on the existing sconces dontcha think? wtf were those, anyway?


Ivy Lane said...

Yikes! The "before" sconces were terrible! Love the new ones! SOOO much better!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love those sconces. Can't wait to see the rest of the room. A friend of mine in the neighborhood has very similar sconces in her 1928 home. 8! of them in the living room...two on each wall! Just love them.

mikky said...

Really nice! Makes a big difference.


Suzy said...

massive improvement! can't wait to see the final reveal!