14 January 2009

a decorating post? for reals? our fave 3 homes of 2008 (pt. 1)

yes, maison21 is actually doing a decorating post today! no animals or rock stars or facebook or nuthin! today, we talk decorating. for reals.

we've been trying to clear the atelier of the stacks and stacks of decorating magazines that have piled up in every room. it's really hard for us though- we have a problem both with throwing them away, and tearing the images we like out of them, so they just pile up, whole and intact until we get so fed up, we end up chucking them all into recycling.
so this january, we thought we'd actually get rid of the past years magazines right away, and hopefully turn it into a ritual. as we began to purge, we tried to remember which rooms and homes we for sure had to keep from 2008, and without physically going through, three projects immediately came to mind- they just impressed us so much they are etched in our brain, forever, and that's saying something, considering we're old and can't remember anything!
project number one is monique lhuillier's "rhapsody in gray", (elle decor jan/feb, design by monique lhuillier & jennie abbot, styled by carlos mota, photographed by roger davies). we've seen it a million times on a million blogs, but hey, it's so pretty why not one more go round?
how much does maison21 love this classically tailored and modern home? well as you may know, m21 is a fiend for color, and you'll note this home has none- and it's absolutely perfect, as-is. love, love love.
stayed tuned for favorite project number two- coming as soon as we can scan it...


ArchitectDesign said...

I always feel guilty throwing away magazines and keep them in a stack near the door nad force them on anyone who visits me or drop off a few at a time at the magazine donation center.....I wish I could overcome that -the clutter is insane!


i adoree them everytime i see this photos

thestamfordwife said...

I wish I could get rid of my old magazines, but I'm just too attached to my junk, I guess.

While I love ML space and think it pictures so well (so striking) I don't know if I could always live in "gray scale". I need me a little color!

I adore your blog btw. It puts a smile on my face.

Pigtown-Design said...

AD needs to remember that he's only 40 miles from the Book Thing and that he can come up and donate the old mags to them (or to me!)

Alkemie said...

I have to say that I think your observations are spot on. I LOVED Her home too!! I actually sell some of my old magazines on Ebay :)

franki durbin said...

no. no. no. you just can't get rid of that issue! I adore her home. I always keep the Elle Decor. I adore them! And Monique...ah, Monique....I adore your serene color palette!