05 January 2009

new year's resolutions suck

last new year, m21 posted his new year's resolutions on his blog, and as his track record on keeping them was completely dismal, for 2009, we have decided to keep our vows a secret. we sooooo hate to fail, and failing in public is a bazillion times worse. and yet, while we personally hate to fail, you know when it comes to others, maison21 is a giver, so as our new year's gift to you, we thought we'd recap our failed resolutions here in public, in hopes that while reveling in our failure, you will feel a little bit better about your own past resolutions (and if you somehow kept all your resolutions from last year, please go away- your kind is not welcome here).

1. kitchen painted? yeah, right.
our pretty view from across the kitchen table. or so we would like to pretend.

the reality: 'cept for the one small patch we stare at every morning while we drink our coffee and read the paper, the rest is unfinished. ugh. for shame-we take care of this kind of thing for others as our living- why so hard to do it for ourselves?

2. portfolio put in order? nope, still in unsorted piles of photos, drawings and tons of miscellaneous crap paperwork from projects past, hidden inside storage boxes stacked by our desk. the boxes are stacked pretty neatly, though- does that count for anything?

3. masion21 business plan completed? um, no- still in an unedited file on our computer desktop. our talented business and marketing strategist completed their part ages ago, and have been patiently waiting for our input for at least 6 months. yikes! we suck. we also wonder if we need to start over- things are a whole lotta different now, as opposed to just six months ago..

4. our planned trip to paris? postponed from may to september, then ultimately canceled. though we gotta say in this new economy of ours, canceling a luxury paris trip seems like a wise move, not necessarily a failure.5. we did manage to keep at least one resolution- no more plastic bags. we have 100% converted to biodegradable poop bags for mona (no picture of that), and we remember to take our own bags to the store almost every time, so we'll count this resolution as a unqualified success. yay!

6. the jury is still out on our last resolution, to be a little more social- we thought we were doing pretty well, yet somehow we managed to squirm out of every invitation we had for new year's eve, and ended up staying home with teh dog and the cat. we did update our facebook status for the first time in 2008 on december 31st, though, so we'll call that one a draw.

now have maison21's resolution failures and one (small) triumph made you feel any better about your own past resolutions? no? still feel the need to 'fess up? then leave your comments on this post and keep m21 company in his misery! have you already broke some of this year's resolutions in the last 5 days? do tell! at least you guys get to be anonymous about it if you want!

so with our new resolutions held tightly to ourself, it's on to greater things in 2009! (and, no the kitchen didn't even make the list this year. we give up).


Things That Inspire said...

I was listening to something on the Oprah channel on XM today, and the guy said that he thinks New Years resolutions are disastrous because they are unbalanced. For example, if people resolve to eat better, they don't really address the reason why they are eating poorly, the root of the problem, so they are setting themselves up for failure.

Maybe that's why I don't like and don't do New Years resolutions! I am a Libra, and I love things to be balanced! (I don't think I have ever pulled the astrology excuse on anything (don't believe it), but it worked here!)

katiedid said...

Does resolving to come up with some resolutions, and then not, count? I do that alot.
I did resolve to start my own design studio last year.....and lo and behold, this nice lil ole economy finally forced me into it. Woohoo!

Design Junkie said...

I think after the hell that was 2008, I'll make only one resolution: this year, I'm giving up mixers...they take up so much room in those small glasses anyway.

maison21 said...


sounds like oprah's adviser was pretty correct- i don't actually so much believe in resolutions either, but i DO believe in using new years as a marker to review and reevaluate goals that i've held throughout the year.


sounds like the economy helped you make a decision you were on your way to making by yourself. funny how the universe works! and best of luck with your studio- you are already a step ahead of the game through your blog.


thanks for the laugh! no mixers in '09!

Suzy said...

Ha! Why do you think I won't be posting mine...not only did I not keep them -they are so far out of mind I can barely remember them! I did say I would start a diet in the new year to make up for the whole lotta eatin' over xmas/new year, but the chocolates are calling my name! oh well...there is always next year...

Joyce said...

I'm with you I don't like New Years resolutions for the simple reason of not completing a task. I don't do this every year, but sometimes I do a "to do list". I only have a couple of things on it. One I did this year was to hand write a letter once a month to someone special to me.I did this a couple of years ago when my dad was alive and with his recent passing I'm glad I was able to tell him my feelings.
This is my first time visiting (came over from katiedid) and I will be back. We have a Lakeland terrier (rescue). Enjoy! xoxo

Mrs. Blandings said...

All joking aside - get that portfolio together, mister. You're too talented not to. Today.

Habitually Chic said...

I totally missed this post earlier. I finished my painting projects yesterday so get to it Mister! I still have to put together a book portfolio but I did add one to Facebook. Does that count?

And come to Paris with ME! David Jimenez wants to come too. Maybe we can get a blogger group together and make it a convention, albeit a chic one without plastic nametags, because that's not chic! I'm thinking April in Paris. Are you in???

Easy and Elegant Life said...

yeah..... (note the small and sheepish lowercase.) So far I'm looking at tanking at least two of my resolutions. Mrs. E. has said that my "two martinis, no more" idea doesn't hold water when the two 'tinis are followed by a bottle of red.

Small steps. (As long as there aren't twelve of them.)

Whatever you do, do your portfolio. If I recall my research correctly, it is the number one listed reason that prospective clients visit a website.