08 January 2009

our first love (a stroll down a slightly messed up memory lane)

through the magic of facebook, we recently reconnected with one of our best (and only) friends from high school in suburban san diego- we were even off-campus roommates for our freshman year at berkeley (until m21 got kicked out for failing to attend his classes. who knew you actually had to go to class to succeed in college? m21 never went to class in high school and that turned out ok...)

one of the things m21 and his high school best girlfriend bonded over was our love of this man:
m21's fascination actually started in his pre-teen years when his sister would leave to go to her part-time high school job, and we would sneak into her bedroom to play her "young americans" album over and over ('til she came home and threatened to kick our ass for being in her bedroom, where we were FORBIDDEN to step foot inside). god, we loved he so. still love his music, and hearing it transports us back to a time when we dreamed of growing up to be best friends with andy warhol, to live in an artist's loft in gritty downtown new york, and to spend our evenings doing piles of blow in underground nightclubs. these were our high-reaching goals at 16, we kid you not (guess which two out of the three we did NOT succeed in achieving by the age of 25?) see why this is a slightly messed up stroll down memory lane? our decorating is pretty- our youthful past? maybe not so much...

this song- and it's dramatic new (yes, new) video art form- was pivotal in our high school life. enjoy. or not.

YouTube Music Videos 60s 70s - David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes via


Decor etc. said...

I lovvvve your blog-!! It just cracks me up that you go from dog pounds to decorating with such jest too. I am still waiting for you to do a post on your neighbors next new window display........after you learn what it is.


Cote de Texas said...

when I was in college, I went to NYC to visit my bf who lived there for a few weeks. my cousin had this album and I fell in love with it and played it 24/7 - whenever I hear Young Americans it transports me back to NYC and that winter. Music is an amazing memory maker.

Demelza said...

Loved that - thanks!

maison21 said...

thanks decor-

we just blog about what we love pets and pretty things, with a bit of pop culture very now and then to spice things up! glad you enjoy the mix. as for the mystery store, i've stopped in twice more, and no one there- but several lamps near the window had been sold, and some new tchotchkes added- so somebody is there sometimes!


isn't the memory-music connection amazing? can't remember where the heck my car keys are, but some obscure song from my twenties comes on the radio and not only can i remember every word, but i can remember where i first heard it, and all the emotions going on in my life at the time. crazy stuff.


you are welcome- glad you enjoyed!

Tracy said...

Hi! I'm a fairly new reader and love your blog. Kind of all over the place but REALLY FUN!! This album takes me back to my high school bedroom that I decorated myself with yellows and greens and wicker and sandalwood candles and floor pillows my mom made, reading Seventeen magazine and playing the song "Young Americans" over and over and over... Songs and scents can both send me right back to a time that seems like yesterday. Weird. Thanks! That was fun!

maison21 said...

tracy- you are soooooo right- i'm totally all over the place, aren't i? makes sense in my addled brain, but to others what is this a decorating blog? a self-help confessional? a animal rescue sight? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!

thanks for just going with it though,and enjoying mr. toad's wild blog ride!

ps- you were a lucky young lady to have a mom that made floor pillows for you, and helped decorate your room in yellow and green and wicker- and that sounds quite pretty and modern, btw!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Oh man, I just caught a glimpse out of the corner of my mind of a little new wave kid. Thanks for that.

I'm happy/Hope You're happy, too..