16 January 2009

félicitations, habité!

maison21 wanted to congratulate his friends over at habité, laurent rebuffel and kimberly denman, on their recent profile in the "shop talk" feature on 1stdibs. we suggest you hop on over to 1srdibs to check out the gorgeous photos of their store, and if you live in los angeles, get on over to la brea to check it out in person as it is simply the one of the most swoonworthy showrooms of vintage modern and antiques you'll ever see (due in no small part to kimberly's eye- she's also an extremely talented designer. really pretty and really nice, too. hate her). congrats, kids!
m21 selected this photo not only because it showcases habité's enormous inventory, but also because if you look carefully, you can spot an objet de beauté that once graced the maison21 atelier. we're not telling which item though, so you'll have to guess, k? kind of like a decorating version of "where's waldo?", 'cept you have absolutely no freakin' idea what waldo looks like.


Anonymous said...

Was it a light fixture?

Topsy Turvy said...

My guess is the black curvy console. Do tell!


Billy D said...

Any idea what the fabric on that chair in the first picture is? I'm LOVING it.