28 May 2009

for the birds...

m21 has a pair of mockingbirds nesting somewhere in his yard- we haven't found the nest yet, but their industriousness and protectiveness is an amazing sight- they will attack anything that enters our yard (except thankfully not mona and m21- not yet, anyway). today we saw one of the pair chase a squirrel away down a telephone wire, actually grabbing a beakful of squirrel fur in the process!

we'd love to get our zealous parents this chic and stylish birdhouse to nest in style- though it seems like a whole lotta house for one lonely couple (and possibly a chick), as they obviously don't like to share!
gramercy park birdhouse, $214.50 (browse the rest of the site at your own risk- we did, and now our eyes hurt. a lot).


Mary said...

Hi Christian, Every time I read your post on Thanksgiving re: Mona and Richard I become instantly grateful for everything. It is a wonderful post. Thanks again.

Pigtown-Design said...

There was just a study in the UK that mockingbirds can recognize people after just seeing them three times, and will come after people (animals) who have come too close to their nests, but leave strangers alone. There was one near us last year who used to dive-bomb Connor and even would bump him!

Tracy said...

Wow, Christian! Thanks for the great website link! I'll go back when I have LOTS more time.
As for the mockingbirds... stay clear of those mean birds! We have them here and those crazy kamikazes will chase and attack anything that gets too far into "their" space... dog, cat, people, other birds. Fun to watch, unless it's YOU they're after!

Lucinda said...

I love that birdhouse, especially the pineapple on top.

maison21 said...

mary, thank you for the kind words. they are much appreciated.

tracy, having had a bad experience with crows last year, i hope these little guys don't turn on us! right now their sworn enemies are the aforesaid crows, and squirrels- both of which i am delighted to have chased away. as i said, crows attacked mona & i once to defend a fledging (right out the birds it was), and well, squirrels are just evil- the only animal i've ever seen murder another of it's kind. absolutely horrifying.

meg- maybe mona and i should wear masks, to try fooling them into thinking we are strangers and no threat! someone else sent me that article, btw- interesting stuff!

lucinda- the birdhouse is the one nice thing on that site. the rest? terrifying- more so than attacking birds or squirrels!