10 May 2009

happy mother's day

happy mother's day, mom.
i love you and wish you were here so i could tell you in person- but you already know that.
baby m21 & his mom, on his first birthday. if mom was still around, she'd kill me for using this photo, with her less than chic outfit, and undone hair- but hey, we lived in hawaii, and i'm sure it was hot and humid on my bday. did they even have air conditioning back then? was it flintstones style air, with a dinosaur on a treadmill and a block of ice?

happy mother's day to all moms, everywhere- where would any of us be without you?


franki durbin said...

sweet, sweet, sweet. Love the homage to mom. Have a lovely weekend!

mary said...

Thank you Christian ....that made me a bit weepy. I still think of your mom taking your photo when you dyed your were a lucky boy. I know that you know etc etc

maison21 said...

thanks franki and happy first (?) mother's day to you! did your little one make you breakfast in bed? i guess they'd be a little young for that, so "did your little one spit up breakfast on you?" ;-)

mary- i cried a bit when i posted the photo, so thank you for your kind words. much appreciated.

i hope you are enjoying yourself, and having a wonderful mother's day yourself.

Topsy Turvy said...

You are adorable, and so is your mom! She looks very proud of you.
Hawaii?? Wow!

Pigtown-Design said...

You're so cute and your mother's lovely!

annechovie said...

Love this photo! So great. Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

EMarrin said...

Thank you, m21! I think your mother looks terribly chic in this picture -- effortless and cool. She must've had impossibly high standards. (Why is that not surprising?) You're a good son, young one. And your mom is still smiling with you.

Linda Merrill said...

I don't know what you're talking about with your Mom - she looks lovely and perfectly put together. Nothing say chic more than a nice crisp white blouse.