18 May 2009

m21 loves runaways

maison21 has thing for runaways.

no, he doesn't mean he stalks the greyhound terminal, looking for young kids fresh off the bus from kansas (the only thing m21 likes to pimp out is pretty furniture). nor is he talkin' about the classic 1970's girl group "the runaways" (though he IS into them too, of course- one of the first bands to prove chicks could rock as hard as the boys).

what m21 is talkin' about is his love for "runaway furniture"- that is pieces styled to look like they might skitter away if you make a sudden move towards them. "shhhhh- don't scare the chair".

here's some of our favorite "runaways":

love these stylized, vaguely insectoid dining chairs from los angles design team aqua vitae. truly unusual, and we loooove that...

aqua vitae's wing chair looks like it could runaway, too- though it also looks like it might fall over while trying. ;-)

speaking of wing chairs, here's one of our favorites, a mid-century classic by carlo mollino- looks poised mid-leap, doesn't it?

a stylized spider table from the fabulous downtown's custom furniture line, here in los angeles.

randomly found this stylized hoof-footed table on the internet a while back and saved it for it's cool rustic/ethnic vibe.

ross lovegrove's "go" chair is aptly named- it looks like it goes fast!

phillipe starck's ww stool- runaway from space.

merit oppenheim's traccia table, runaway chic since 1939.

oly's ajax lounge chair. love.

folding stool with tray by dransfield & ross

a pair of lion's foot tables which graced the atelier at one time, similar to those by jacques garcia for baker.

this chair by terry bostwick is slightly sinister, but still gorgeous. (via design milk)

last, the one item from this post, we'd NEVER want inside the atelier (though we still think it's pretty cool)- a gigantic spider sculpture/table from suzanne r lifestyle boutique in miami (via 1stdibs). maison21 is NOT a fan of spiders, so this number is a little too realistic for our tastes- we'd have nightmares about it coming alive at night and wrapping us up for dinner...

what do we think? runaways, yes or no? and if yes, do you have a favorite m21 forgot? link to it in the comments, and maybe we'll do a second post!

in closing, here's our favorite non-furniture runaways, performing their classic "cherry bomb" live in japan, circa 1977. you didn't think we could mention one of the rockingest girl groups of all time at the beginning of this post, without giving you a taste, did you? hello daddy, hello mom. i'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!


YSLGuy said...

Those are fun! The first set of chairs remind me of that art piece on "Beetlejuice" that came to live and grabbed one of the dinner guests.

The spider table is pretty scary though.

franki durbin said...

Honestly, some of those scare me. Spiders? eek! The doe legs always kill me. Yes... it harkens back to ancient Greece, but it still scares me.

I do love the Roman "claw" feet, though... very aggressive and the tables always look too busy to chase you around the room ;)

maison21 said...

ysl guy- thanks, i just can't help myself, i love furniture that looks like it will come alive (but not try to strangle you, like beetljuice).

frankie- i actually enjoy a bit of scary in furniture/decor- not too much though, so that spider table is out! i would have to move...

The Townhouselady said...

That traccia table has always made me swoon.

Lucinda said...

We are totally on the same wave length today. I posted a seating thing and we played Cherry Bomb at my wedding, cosmic! But seriously, I love that Traccia table, it is pretty fantastic.

Velvet and Linen said...

This post was so much fun, and the Runaways definitely got me on my feet!


hello gorgeous said...

I have a mirrored coffee table with hooves that I love!! It's very mythical-looking.

Suzy said...

Love those first 3 - especially the Carlo Mollino!

Tracy said...

Furniture that looks like it could rearrange itself usually creeps me out, but I have to say that "go" chair is really fantastic... looks like an alien insect poised to skitter away any second now. And the Terry Bostwick chair... completely beautiful... in a scary, Grimm's Fairy Tales sort of way... alluring but deadly.