01 May 2009

my last meal.

here in los angeles, we are fortunate enough to be blessed with a plethora of amazing restaurants- it seems as if there is something new and noteworthy opening weekly, and frankly, it's too much to keep up with (at least for an old dude like m21). so that's why maison21 likes to return to the tried and true, and though there are dozens of LA restaurants m21 loves, there are a few he happily returns to over and over again- foremost among them is JAR- quite possibly m21's favorite restaurant in los angeles. seriously- if m21 was on death row, suzanne tracht's pot roast would be on his last meal menu, along with her crunchy and savory fries. delish. jar's sophisticated and timeless decor doesn't hurt either- warm wood paneling, fabulous mid-century influenced black saucer lights, and cool abstract art- hasn't dated a bit in the 8 years it's been open.
a tip for the uninitiated: sit at the bar- margo pours a mean martini- and if you are with a friend, order the pot roast and the off menu burger- split both, and you have a meal made in heaven (or made for death row, as the case may be). yum, yum, yum.

* all images courtesy of the JAR website.

** the jar experience is greatly enhanced by dining with wonderful friends ;-)


Tracy said...

Yum. My kind of meal. Even at 6am.

tartanscot said...

nom nom nom.

Lucinda said...

Love Jar, and the pot roast is no joke.

please sir said...

Oh goodness that looks good!