19 May 2009

s'alright, nate.

we can take off the tag now- our nate berkus/home shopping network pillow is completely acceptable. nothing spectacular, and slightly more machine made in appearance than we hoped, but perfectly cute over all. we'll keep it.

does this mean gramma m21 is going to have to buy the throw too? don't worry though- we promise not to get hooked. THIS is not in our future:


Tracy said...

Very pretty (which can be said for the pillow AND Nate!)
And as I am a complete sucker for a nice flamestitch, I would have ordered the throw first, then the pillow. So, yes, get it!

katiedid said...

I say "yes"! to the pillow AND the throw. I saw that throw in another picture (can't remember where!) the other day and thought of you.

barbara said...

Funny and mean(just a little).

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I'm going to be evil and suggest going for the throw! It's just too fun not too! Just stay away from the prescription pain killers, like paula, and you'll be ok!