24 January 2010

m21 loves pets on furniture! (and *you* can help them get comfy)

are y'all familiar with desire to inspire's series of posts of "pets on furniture", run on mondays? if not, and you are an animal lover (or a furniture lover, for that matter), get on over there- the photos will warm your pet and furntiure lovin' hearts! last monday, kim and jo were kind enough to feature richard in their post and this week, we sent them this picture of mona, happily resting on our living room sofa, in hopes they'd like to include it in this monday's feature:
"cute picture", you are probably saying to yourself (how could you think anything else? mona doesn't take any other kind, naturally ;-). you might also be wondering "what's up with the bags of dog food sitting in for a pair of decorative pillows on the end of your sofa, m21?" and no, maison21 is not being sponsored by purina. the bags are there because mona, as well as every other animal who ever came out of a los angeles county SPCA animal shelter, all need your help to make sure their cousins currently awaiting adoption don't go hungry...

you see, last week, the los angeles times home section ran the most disturbing article about how the SPCA animal shelters in los angeles county are running out of food for the animals in their care and are seeking emergency donations. that's right- running out of food- in the second largest city in america! according to the article, the shelters didn't include money for food in their budget because they've always been supported by corporations who donated the food for free; but this year, due to the recession, the corporate donations stopped. couple that with the enormous amount of animals being turned in to our shelters due to the foreclosure crisis in southern californa, and now the shelters have had to turn to the public for emergency donations of food to keep their little charges fed. hence the dog food bag throw pillows- we are taking them to administrative offices of SPCALA tomorrow morning and we are hoping that our blog friends in southern california will do the same at the shelter closest to them. the animal loving gals over at desire to inspire have generously agreed to put the word out about the situation here in southern california by linking their vast readership to the LA times article, (and this post) in their weekly "pets on furniture" post tomorrow, and if anyone else out there in blogland would care to do the same, i know we could make a difference...

mona, m21, and all the other SPCALA pound puppies, past, present and future, thank you from the bottom of their furry, tail waggin', little hearts. now move those bags off the sofa, please- mona needs to get comfy!


Janet said...

Thank you for the great post. I posted the same, hope you don't mind, I linked back to you.

I love reading your blog.

I hope the pet food shortage doesn't become a bigger problem.

Thanks again.

The Townhouselady said...

I was trying to come up with a joke about her being a spokesmodel and one of "Barker's" Beauties (Price is Right) but my pregnancy brain and lack of sleep are battling against my wit.

Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. This is one of those simple things that doesn't cost a lot to do but makes such a big difference.

This is happening across the country and would urge people, even if you're not an LA resident try giving your local shelter a call and ask if they are in need.

It's usually the small things that make the biggest impact.

Thanks Richard and Mona!

pve design said...

I am going to take a photo of my Bentley and his bag of food....on his comfy perch, the sofa!

tula said...

oh, how i love you. i did not see the LA times article and wouldn't have known about the animal food shortage had it not been for you. thank you!

i love the picture of richard and this one of mona. i wish desire to inspire linked back to maison21, though! where is the link love?