17 January 2010

sweets for the sweet!

last weekend, m21 had the honor of attending a birthday party for his sweet little friend lucy, as she celebrates her 3rd year of life, and let me tell you- if you are ever in a bad mood, go find a dozen kids under the age of 5 to hang out with for a couple of hours- instant happy! if there had been puppies or kittens at the party, m21's cold little heart might have burst from happy/cute overload!
not that m21 saw much of the kids, because outside of sitting down to eat some cake, they could barely be pried out of the bounce house! that was okay- just watching them go bananas inside, and hearing their laughter was fun enough!

the birthday girl, while not so interested in actually exiting the bounce house, was nice enough to occasionally come to the mesh sides and bestow a kiss or too. m21 called them "prison kisses" for obvious reasons (don't tell me m21 is the only one to have kissed loved ones though prison bars on visiting day? everyone has done it, right?)

this little cutie, rogan, actually came out of the bounce house to greet m21 with a wordless hug and scurried back inside. he is the happiest little guy on the planet.

rogan's adorable big sister grayson (with her uncle javi) is every inch the princess as you can tell, and she is sporting a crown she stickerized herself at the crafts table. um, bounce house and crafts table? when m21 was a kid the only thing we had at our birthday parties was cake, and we were lucky to get it! and we walked 5 miles in the snow to get to school everyday too! even summer school!

here is the birthday sweetheart blowing out her candles- i don't know if mommy is actually so much helping lil lucy blow out the candles, as she is restraining her from running back into the darn bounce house before the last chorus of "happy birthday" was even finished!

which brings us to the second sweet reason for this post besides the birthday sweetheart- that cake! when maison21 saw it, he went absolutely crazy for how gorgeous it was, with pretty flowers made of dried pineapple and fresh strawberries, and the artisanally applied frosting- just rustic enough to almost appear home baked, but too polished to really be homemade, unless you are friends with martha stewart! maison21 has been dreaming of it ever since- not only did it look terrific, it tasted terrific too- dense vanilla cake filled with berries and whipped cream frosting. yum! when m21 asked where the cake came from, he found it it was baked by one of the guests, bethany kenyon, who along with her husband jonathan miertschin, just recently launched their own baked goods business, daisy mae sweets and treats.

bethany also whipped up a bunch of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the kids, which were equally as yummy (and as pretty) as the cake. m21 truly loves how the look of bethany's creations, straddles the line between homemade goodness and slick professional catering. doesn't hurt that they are delicious too, but as in most things, for m21, appearance is (almost) everything, so daisy mae's aesthetic is particularly appealing- just look at the pictures- we're sure you will agree!

m21 was so impressed with the treats, he wanted to share them with y'all, in case any of you in the southern california area might need some sweetness for your next special occasion. next time maison21 is asked to bring a dessert, he is ordering one of bethany's pies, and swearing he made it himself...

be sure to visit daisy mae's website, to see even more of bethany's mouthwatering creations!

ok- gotta go. we're starving now!


jones said...

Yummmm. Enjoy the rain. Mary

Karena said...

Christian, how fun! You are right about getting in such a good mood around children! The treats look delish!

Margaret said...

It's my birthday party and m21 can crash if he wants to!

La Maison Fou said...

What a lovely soiree, with lots of sweet decorations and color!
Love the cake!

Velvet and Linen said...

The softer side of M21!
I should have known that anyone who loves animals as much as you do would also have a soft spot for 3 year olds!
Oh and I need one (or two) of those brownies. They look evil, in a good way.