16 January 2010

a milestone?

or a monkey on my back?

1001 tweets, and every single one, a 140 character masterpiece. swear.


Karena said...

Blogging, face book , my art, and Twitter is just not something I have taken time for yet. Christian, do you think it is really really worthwhile? Congrats by the way!

Paul Anater said...

Jeez, if your thousand is a monkey on your back, I don't even want to think about what my Tweets are.

maison21 said...

karena- i started using twitter becuae i was told it was the "next big thing" in social media, and i should get on board. so i did, and truthfully i thought the same thing- i blog, i FB, i run my own business, is it something i have time for, or even want to get involved with? but after using it for a month or so, i got hooked- it is very different then both FB and blogging, and i can see the enormous potential it has to reach others (unlike facebook) as well as twitter's ability to have a true conversation with someone you've never met (unlike a blog- the commenting thing is sort of a conversation, but twitter is a true dialog, one that *anyone* can join in).

so far, i've connected with new clients on both my blog and FB, but not twitter... yet. it will happen, i am confident. and if not- oh well! i'm having a great time having great conversations with all kinds of interesting people over the world, and getting exposed to new things and information that i otherwise would NEVER encounter. in fact, after the quake in haiti, i didn't turn on CNN first thing like i would have 5 years ago, instead i went to twitter, and got all kinds of info much faster then watching the same clips and sound bites recycled over and over again every 15 minutes on the news. it's unfiltered, sure so not everything is accurate, but that's also twitter's selling point- you are getting the straight info, not the info the execs in charge of CNN and fox want you to see...

twitter may be a fad, but it is much closer to how i think we will process current events in the future, than 24 hour television news channels most people use now, or last century's newspaper/magazine model.

just my (long) opinion!

paul, your tweet number makes *you* my monkey's role model! ;-)

Things That Inspire said...

I must admit, I feel a little behind the times as I have not adopted twitter - I read your comment with interest! I don't have a business to promote, so I stay a bit more low key about things to promote the blog, but am paying attention because I think it is so fascinating. Thank goodness none of this stuff was around when I was a teenager - I never would have done any homework!

Ivy Lane said...

1001 tweets!!! awesome! I can't even figure out what I am supposed to do on twitter!! guess that makes me a "twit"!!

Happy Sunday M21!